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  1. Having issues with NNR for the last few days. Anyone else on psn have this issue? My internet is working fine but the game lags and logs out all the time now. I'm on ps5
  2. Same problem here but am being kicked out of the game a lot.
  3. I'm in Cape Town, South Africa. There are no issues with psn here at all so this region psn down excuse isn't true.
  4. Well had to re-download the whole game now after like 20 errors saying the server wasn't responding when I was trying to download it. That's a waste of the evening and 10 hours of downloading. To think I was gonna buy some plat tonight. ......no chance after this.
  5. And now it won't download and getting another error.
  6. Mine isn't downloading. Getting a error when I say check for updates. What's going on?????
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