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  1. (XB1)Bruta1 ARCanum

    Login Failed, Check your info!

    I have not been able to login all day. I was able to login for just a bit late last night but i just tried to login today and i can't again.
  2. (XB1)Bruta1 ARCanum


    I was just playing warframe and got the hotfix and was told to exit and restart game for prime vault update so i did. I then logged back in with no problem. A couple missions later the game told me to restart again for a new version of the game, and i couldnt play anymore, so i did. This time when i tried to log back in i got the dreaded LOGIN FAILD, CHECK YOUR INFO! again. I just got back on the game yesterday after 3 days of this issue already. Ihave also lost plat on boosters that i didnt get to use because of this issue.