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  1. Name: Val Frame: Valkyr Prime Age: 26 Favorites: My operator, Ordis, Clem, My kavat Amelia Foods: ...I haven't had any food for centuries. Not sure if I need to...eat. Movies: anything that doesn't have Vay Hek screaming in it...please! Likes: long walks through survival or defense missions. Always willing to go on any rescue mission. Dislikes: Vay Hek not shutting up!!! CORPUS, Alad V, sometimes Vor in the Void. Bio: unlike my operator. Who remains calm though anything. I can't... When I see a MOA minding it's own business I just wanna scream and rip it a part as fast as my claws can slash... I was told I needed to find more control. Soo here I am 😃
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