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  1. Give Combo mechanics to guns and Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds/Condition Overload shenanigans, plus some Hunter Munitions for secondary, the new "Bleeding" are too much specific. Also improve other status effects so that elemental dependant weapons can have a room too, Magnetic could have innate headshot multiplier and multiply status procs, Gas stacking more damage and ignore shield's like Toxin, Radiation could cut HP by % per proc up to a certain number, like what Viral used to be. Maybe even make Slash procs ignore 50% max armor instead of "True damage", Impact could have Shattering
  2. I did enjoy space skirmish battles with Railjack and Necramechs were fun, but the vault farming was the worst experience I had, with bugs being the big issue because sometimes they'd just break the mission and interactions with Necramechs. Overall I think both features lacked more ingredients to it, I was expecting some BIG space combat and more speed with something that maybe modular Archwings could achieve, like hundreds of enemies and the infamous "squad-link" they attempted at scarlet spear. Scott mentioned something about the AI being the problem in all that, to have multiple AIs in
  3. I actually thought it to be a joke but.... I can't even... Hood=Helmet??? Anyway, I'm still buying it.
  4. The best way to merge Railjack imo would've been with Kuva Liches back in the day: Trigger Lich-> kick his butt here and there in average missions -> trigger a "last stand" battle with it's fleet on a massive Railjack mission (and not just 4 to 10 enemies per wave) -> Aboard Lich Galleon -> fight to death solo or with a squad of 4 against their liches if present. Would be a pain for matchmaking, but still. And boom, you get all your S#&$ back, railjack resources, lich weapons and ephemeras after a big ass massive space raid against Liches join
  5. Compared to previous energy system for RJ is a win-win, only that now loadouts that excel at producing energy are broken. Introducing balanced Cooldowns and meaningful battle/tactical mod interactions would improve the experience imo, same way they did with Lavos. I hope they repeat that formula, and not just keep encouraging people to spam Void Hole/Seeker Volley and Shatter Burst with this new system.
  6. Railjack Pluto nodes with multiple objectives: +Crewship spawn stops, some even disappear, preventing mission completion. +Electrical hazards remain even after dealing with them thru' Engineer crew member, including tactical menu jamming and HUD stutter (impossible to see properly). +Esc menu disabled during Railjack missions preventing mission abort, paired with the Crewship spawn bug requires Alt+F4 for exit.
  7. Well that's a Whole Lotta Work right there. Thanks for everything basically.
  8. Carrying a big-ass ancient finger on the back of my Railjack, with a quantum speaking reflection of myself.
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