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  1. Let’s not forget the game forces you to gamble real life money to progress! Look guys! two players talking nonsense This "boss" has legit two attacks, both of them easily avoided by jumping into another platform. I can already picture them playing any Metroidvania and laugh for days.
  2. It's a real shame they don't invest hard on the lore in order to produce a thoroughly told story, the whole plot is really interesting imo, the Zarima Ten Zero, Second Dream, Old War, New War, the Void, etc. I hope they eventually (probably never) put all of these scenes together into a proper Main story questline or something like that.
  3. Not gonna read the whole thing. Farm
  4. Tried Warcry paired with Creeping Terrify, basically a slow Nova with extra loot, armor strip, and speed/armor buffs.... can't go wrong with that if you ask me. If you're going Ore Gaze and Amalgam Ripkas, you might wan't to save time and avoid investing in that weapon, because Petrify already gives, according to wiki, a "shatter" effect on dead enemies that counts as extra corpse, thus extra loot. Still, the 100% gore chance from Ripkas mod could act as backup plan for when Petrify is not available at certain moments.
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