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  1. 1: You don't need them 2: Pretty bad 'cause adaptation will render her already non-scaling damage useless, her CC is minimal and non-existant against them, plus her defence ability won't be enough to protect. Only advantage is infinite energy and support. 3: Actually opposite due to stupid squad-link not working as intended or unbalanced/disorganized What I see here is not a detailed fully-fledged grounded explanation, but more of a whim about "damn i didn't farm enough, give me one more week". The very least we need right now is another god forsaken event like SS. On another note that's a good one
  2. On player joining squad: "A fellow Tenno has join our forces, Operator, may I suggest deeesstrooy evvery- distribute your firepower..."
  3. You got a point too, in my regard I don't really hate the boss, there'll be people against it, but it's pretty similar to a typical MHW kind of hunting for material. Some people will associate that hatred from RNG to the boss and viceversa. In my case, i just despise the RNG and leave it there, now farming Harrow Systems is an entirely different matter for me.
  4. I think it's fine, I mean, tell me any other game in which a first-encounter boss fight doesn't get easy after repeating it with better gear/strategy. The only thing that matters it's that it looks cool, Sergeant on the other hand tho'......hope he's next on the list.
  5. The more you shut up and actually play the game for that which you want, the faster you get it done. I made my RJ the moment Empyrean came out, and even if we got some refunding on the materials, the time spent for it is galaxies away compared to what lies ahead of you.
  6. Damn, must've glitched something while editing the gif.
  7. God forbid you ever play games like Destiny 2 and Path of Exile then.... You complain about this: "Why i am forced to play Warframe as my 2nd Job just to get an umbral forma." Also, you propose this?: Good Examples: Elite Weeklys: Survive 90 minutes in a survival mission Open 50 Relicts Finish a Defence Mission Wave 50 Kill 10.000 Corpus
  8. DE needs to focus on other stuff considering what happened since the whole Empyrean update, if you want animals that much, I suggest you look for them elsewhere.
  9. This is like.... priority 0.01 on the list.... I mean, it took them years to make the decision about getting rid of stasis system..... Personally, I prefer animals staying in Orb Vallis, one of the least things i want in the future of a space looter-shooter is to go capture 6 animals for nightwave season whatever on another planet.....specially with such a boring system.
  10. I forgot to clarify that i mean it in a way they're are not actually new kitguns but the same parts, with the same "name" and same setting.
  11. The good: +Nice and fresh story mission. +Interesting new weapons, enemies, warframe and Jackal/corpus ship rework overall. +The removal of stasis is something i've been longing for years, very thankful for that. +New Moa is really cool. The bad: +Granum void seemed a little bit of a crap "minigame", absolutely chilled with Octavia. +Treasurer shields are big mistake with that 99% DR, surely not a problem to deal with, but annoying as hell. The ugly: +Primary kitguns are a big letdown, not only because they don't give an actual new XP for mastery, but because at least half of them are really not worth the time, specially Catchmoon, 7 to 11 bullets on an auto-shotgun is unviable with such low damage. Gaze description is a lie, Rattleguts is the same, and Tombfinger is the only one i'm actually interested.
  12. Hope you don't try getting Mantis too....
  13. Is that a signature? haha holy crap man! jeez i don't even wanna picture yourself playing games like Resident evil.
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