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  1. Nightwave is the easiest way, Ghoul Purge bounties offer Nitain as reward as well, and then there are some high level missions where you have a tiny chance to get them from finding caches. Just wait for Nightwave intermission, shouldn't be a long wait at this point.
  2. I agree, Operator Arcanes are very useful for healing. Magus Elevate is great for healing and so is Magus Repair. Elevate is faster when you are not running around with huge amounts of health while Repair has the added benefit of working on your team, too.
  3. The usual farming method before the Derelict became Deimos was to do the Defense mission with speed Nova and loot frames like Nekros. And it has always been painfully slow.
  4. Mehr Effizienz würde Dir auch helfen, denn das beeinflusst wieviel Hitpoints Du durch Despoil verbrauchst.
  5. Things you can get early on that sell easily: - prime parts (just open relics) - corrupted mods (drops from vaults in Deimos missions) - nightmare mods, especially Hammer Shot
  6. Hey, das hier ist der englischsprachige Teil des Forums, weiter unten ist auch eine deutschsprachige Sektion! Die Teile für Ash bekommst Du von Grineer Manics, die spawnen regelmäßig in Defection-Missionen (Eskorte-Mission). English: This is the english speaking section of the forums, the german speaking section is further down the list. Ash parts drop from Grineer manics that spawn regularly in defection missions.
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