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  1. You won't get anything for those stats but you can still sell it unrolled. On PC that would still get you somewhere between 300 and 400 plat, no idea about Switch prices though.
  2. I have seen multiple people on Youtube and in the game that use such an autorepeater and didn't get in trouble yet. DE's stance on that has been repeatedly stated as being that you can't have things that automate playing the game but replacing the press of a button with another press of a button is fine
  3. Iron Phoenix is better than Vengeful Revenant, it is arguably the best sword stance mod due to his strong first attack of the standing combo alone (includes a forced 300% slash proc). You can check the wiki to see what kind of multipliers and forces status procs the varying stances get. And I advise against turning your Broken War into the War. Farming the parts to build a second Broken War is much more tedious than just farming plat to buy Hunhow's Gift (which includes exclusive cosmetics besides the War itself).
  4. 1. What makes you think you'll play this open world more than the previous two? How do you intend to use a mechanic based around having a lot of Warframes and knowing their abilities if you have only used 16 out of 43 base Warframes? 2. What metric should DE use instead to make sure inexperienced players don't get mixed up in a mechanic that is a massive resource sink and not needed at all for any of the base content? The point of this gate is not to have a skill gate, this is about a broad enough experience with different parts of the game. Just because you can play "endgame
  5. Nyx has three good abilities that work at any level and one bad ability that is almost useless in every scenario. Mind Control is the bad one. It is the ability that you you'll throw out right away for something else, if people play Nyx at all the ability to switch out her first ability will make them want to play her even more.
  6. Revenant works just fine. My build has maxed out efficiency and a bunch of power strength, I just get up on one of the rocks and press 2 followed by 4 and then just shimmy up and down the rock as needed.
  7. I'm not sure if the drop chance gets boosted, I just used Nekros for extra drops.
  8. Yursa and Characol spawn a manic every 5 minutes or so, that ist your best bet. No need to do it in SP, regular difficulty will do.
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