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  1. Tridolon is still a thing. Recruitment chat usually either looks for either the more entry level hunts (2x3 or 3x3) or for the optimized hunts (5x3 and 6x3). Established meta is Chroma/Volt/Harrow/Trinity. Alerts where replaced by the nightwave system which is a pseudo battle pass. There are a few cutscenes that tie a season together but in general it boils down to do challenges -> get points -> get rewards. Includes Umbral forma. Arbitrations were added. You need to have access to all nodes on the starchart to unlock this mode. Every full hour there is a new mission up that sets a location, enemy, and game mode for the Arbitration aswell as a warframe and a weapon that receive a buff. The enemies start at roughly level 70 and include arbitration drones that make their allies invincible until the drone is dealt with. Can be used to farm Endo and Kuva and has some exclusive rewards including two very powerful mods: Adaptation and Rolling Guard. You should pick up at least Adaptation ASAP. There is new game mode called Disruption. Kill special enemies (Amalgams) to obtain keys, stick in console, another special enemy will spawn and try to blow up the console. Kill that enemy, the other enemies are just decoration/obstacles. Wukong is now the best frame for spy missions. The old good map from Index is now the bad map from Index since it was reworked. And there was a massive melee rework three weeks ago which killed off the massive scaling we had and also made slide attacks mostly worthless but buffed the abse damage of most melees so that now everything is viable for starchart level enemies.
  2. Maiming Strike is now even more of a waste of a mod slot...
  3. This reminds me of the day they removed some names from World of Tanks and the commander of one of my tanks wasn't called Rex Dix anymore. Sad times.
  4. Corrosive was always a strong choice against armored enemies but now armor is basically all that is between you and the health of enemies since the base damage of melee weapons was drastically increased. And since using regular attacks is now much more powerful than slide attacks you'll end up with more hits and resulting from that more chances to proc status effects. Heat was buffed and now takes 50% of the enemies armor away as long as that enemy is on fire and it is a stacking damage over time effect aswell. Quickening is an old mod that just got reworked. Before it only worked during channeling, now it is always active and gives 40% Attack Speed and 20% Chance to gain combo count. Primed Fury has little to offer over Quickening unless you have no use for combo counter, which is only the case when you have a weapon with very low crit chance, very high status chance, and a bad heavy attack. If that is the case you can use it over Quickening for the small increase in attack speed. Otherwise Berserker or Quickening are simply stronger as detailed above. Crossing Snakes has very useful combos, the standard mash button combo doesn't make you jump around and allows for controlled attacks on single targets or small groups with a decent area of effect while the forward + mash melee combo lets you move reasonably quickly forwards if you slash your way through a group. In comparison Swirling Tiger makes you jump all over the place with the mash melee combo while the forward + melee combo doesn't move that much making you much slower through groups. Looks cooler with all the swirling though. 😉
  5. While Punch Through is great on the Amprex with similar mechanics it won't work quite as well on the Atomos. The range is just too short to make good use of PT. I'd rather invest in more damage.
  6. In my testing I found that Crossing Snakes is currently the best stance for Dual Swords, so I'd start with that. And Primed Reach is basically a staple mod now, so that should be in there aswell. Unfortunately the crit stats of the Twin Krokuhr are not completely useless but a bit sub-par, so I personally did not invest too much into it and just used Blood Rush to get some scaling going when necessary. Attack Speed is obviously a boost to DPS and allows you to allow more status effects to happen in the same time, so either Beserker or Quickening are great choices. If you get Berserker up to its maximum of 75% it will overtake Quickening not only in DPS but also in combo count gain, Quickening on the other hand just offers all of its advantages right away (40% attack speed and 68% additional combo count gain if you factor in AS). If your melee is your primary source of damage and if you are constantly using it and keeping your Berserker boost it is the better option, if you switch between weapons a lot and maybe focus more on objectives than hitting people with your melee Quickening is probably the better option. As for elemental mods I run with Primed Fever Strike, Voltaic Strike, and Volcanic Edge. Corrosive scales well against armored enemies and is rarely a detriment while Heat adds another layer of armor strip and works well against unarmored targets, too. Another possible route would be Viral/Heat which doesn't scale as well as Corrosive but will deal with unarmored enemies (e.g. Infested or if your squad runs 4x CP) even faster. Last but not least some basic damage will help. Since we run status heavy Condition Overload is an obvious choice - except when hunting your Lich. Since you can't build up a bunch of status effects on Thralls and Liches you are better off running (Primed) Pressure Point against such enemies. The final slot is a lot more flexible: Drifting Contact, Organ Shatter, a second attack speed mod, more elemental mods, or even double down on Pressure Point and Condition Overload at the same time. Even Spring-Loaded Blade for a total range of 7.5 meters is an option. Hope that helps! 🙂
  7. Quickening was hotfixed and is functional now, even though it is not listed in the patch notes.
  8. Weapons earn 100 Mastery Rank XP per level, so a regular gun will give you 3000 while the Paracesis and the Kuva weapons give you 4000 once they are ranked up all the way to 40.
  9. That would be too obvious, they'd end up with something like 6900 score or something...
  10. Yes, that is the right room. Just got it earlier today in the first mission (crossfire exterminate) but it appears to be quite rare.
  11. I do not know when exactly this changed but I tested it with multiple Zaws (Dokrahm, Mewan, Cyath, Plague Kripath) and they all ragdoll enemies on kill instead of slicing them up (slash kill effect) or punching a hole into them (puncture kill effect). Not that meaningful except for the sad Nekros noises that I can hear in my Orbiter. 😞
  12. Obviously that is with Resource Booster, Resource Drop Chance Booster, and a Smeeta Kavat. And the map was small. But if you only end up with 30 or so in 70 waves you probably missed some drops. I did another one hour run with less experienced team mates on a much worse map and still ended up with ~80 Vitus Essence in total after 60 waves. In yesterdays prime time they said the average gain is 23 Vitus Essence per hour of Arbitration across all game modes, so if you only get 30 in the best Vitus farm mode something went wrong on your end.
  13. Surprisingly if you pick a mode with fewer spawns and run solo which further reduces spawns you end up with fewer spawns, fewer drones, and fewer drops. And if you fail you do not get drops anyway, only rotation rewards.
  14. Both Energizing Dash and Arcane Energize serve the same purpose (generating Energy), they just work differently. Arcane Energize has the added benefit of working while channeled abilities are active and being passive, Zenurik is more reliable and constant but requires active activation. And both a riven and Madurai serve the same purpose, to increase your damage. Madurai does not only consist of Void Strike by the way. But you do not need that damage boost against every enemy, all fodder enemies get taken out by any halfway decent weapon instantly anyway. You need the extra damage for a few select enemies and for that you can easily charge VS for a few seconds and get a damage boost besides all the other damage boosting abilities in the Madurai school. And I hope I do not need to explain the usefulness of an armor boost equal to 66.7% DR on health.
  15. Defense vs. Grineer 116 from drops, 14 from rotations, and 9 (3*3) from rotation rewards. Not too bad for one hour. You just need to pick the right Arbitrations to get a decent Vitus Essence farm going.
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