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  1. i noticed this past afternoon that there is some sort of latency with my controller(xbone/360) that bullet jumps dont seem to work always. i made note currently to bullet i have to let the warframe make the crouch animation before i can bullet jump, while in the past i didnt need to do anything just make sure the crouch and jump buttons at the same time. seems maybe this may of been a issue since some recent controller changes, although i dont think it would affect this?
  2. -Tzek4-

    Tekulu weapon skins still all broken

    it also seems to be affecting garudas claws
  3. -Tzek4-

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4

    Just noticed that equinox dual throwing weapons or pistols have the right pistol/throwing weapon on her rump
  4. -Tzek4-

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Some small little quirks i found since revenants release that are still noticable. Enthrall: everything is fine but the thralls are far too unenthusiastic about killing their former allys, Some also go far as defiance and attack the player with ground slams (if they are heavy) or outright refuse to aim at the enemy except you. some thralls also attack but stop attacking then look at you like they are literally trying the best they can to totally ignore you. Mesmer Skin: i have not seen any real benefit other than the enthrall cost reduced to zero on stunned enemies. The fact more than 6 attacks can happen in a few moments is like having iron skin only being able to absorb 6 shots. It just doesnt seem worthy of any recognition. It also seems to randomly just not work period towards enemies. Reave: from day 1 i noticed this ability does next to nothing, literally the amount of health stolen or shields taken are next to 5-15% i would only gaine 10-20 health or 10-15 shields. This is at default which is just plain not worth any investment. Also this ability has the most shortest duration in the game with it lasting only 0.75 -0.04 seconds. This ability in my opinion has entirely worthless to use if only to run away from enemies a short distance. Danse Macrabe: This is probably the only ability i currently like VERY strongly for some unkown bewitched reason, something about the moonlight maybe? The laser damage is ludicrous, the only 4th ability in the game to do roughly 1000-5000-6000+ damage over a few moments for next to no energy, even with your changes i can easily use efficiany mods to allow me to just float around firing death lazors at anything. if something somehow can resist the damage its only for 5 seconds or the right click will strip them of their mortality in a few seconds. This ability is the only one that reliably does what it says....albeit a bit too effective to warrant using any other ability as this can clear a room faster than anything other than a few select weapons (Zarr/Plasmor/Phantasma/Corinth) Desighn wise i think revanant is interesting af, but everything falls short when your dancing in the moonlight.
  5. lol just as i embark on a trip to my states capitol...good luck to anyone else who can get some farming done
  6. The halloween items are blocked out by the Plains of eidolon goodies, this happend last year where any new player or any player who is interested, has to type Day of the dead, Dullahan, neberus, just to find these items? Could there be a new tab for "Holiday" items?
  7. -Tzek4-

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.3.2

    Wonder who found that out?!
  8. -Tzek4-

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.5

    probably going to make a thread sometime soon but The ack and brunt shield is inverted, so the inside of the shield is on the hand ect The Lacera are held at the tail end of the weapon and appear....something like broken scissors Inaros has a noticable problem agian with his default help crushing into itself This also apply to equinox's cloth physics
  9. -Tzek4-

    Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

    Its a tight subject, but any news on our step father hunhow sending any baddies after us? Ive noticed you guys are experimenting with troop transports and wondering is that a intro to the sentients Transport(whom looks super kewl)
  10. Can we Dress Up Pets?
  11. -Tzek4-

    Octavia's Anthem: Update 20.1.0

    I believe as of this update i can no longer tab out by hitting the start key, and i noticed since octavias anthem the sugatras where fixed. only small problem is the boloket kind of acts stiff towards its connecter so it ends up looking like a handle extension
  12. -Tzek4-

    Hotfix 19.13.1

    Dont know whats going on ingame but this is getting silly. Inaros's default helmet warps all over on the cloth thing The ki teer sugatra also has this wierd polygon reduction problem its nice to see a large portion be fixed but the boloket(crushs itself) and the tentacyst(stiffish) are bigger sins for the fact they never got fixed and where broken day 1
  13. -Tzek4-

    Banshee Prime: Hotfix 19.11.5 + 19.11.6

    Almost all sugatras still bugged to the point they should be removed. Pyrana shotgun has a mesh problem on the fins at the end of the barrel Some cloth on say inaros default helm and equinox's dress suddenly go low poly and high poly cause the cloth to bug out Titania's metal wings have a floppy thing going on that look like it keeps bending all over(if thats intended it looks kinda odd considering they are metal pieces) The Aklato uses the old sounds still The Dual skan has no skins despite being resized skanas Enemies dont flee on the new exterminate changes Dont see where the keep prime body thing is when it comes to using immortal skins like say on vauban prime. also where is this for weapons? mk 1 paris uses old model? Kunai and mk 1 kunai pouches all oddly placed Ivara's recent helmet has untintable dirty parts on her transparent cloth things. but for real on the sugatras those are worthless to buy now when the crush into themselves(the biggest offender bieng the boloket whom was broken day 1)
  14. -Tzek4-

    Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    Not many people ask about the sentients, is this they year we may see a bigger introduction explaining more of hunhows insane hatred for orokin(other than the possible execution of his/the sentient creator?) or is the topic on them to integral to mention? if not id like to se something in a devstream talk more about them