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  1. its hard to capture it on video but its seems there is this blurr/rendering glitch that makes a weapon (sometimes other things sporadicly) that have a motion blurr effect on itself. movement makes it worse and coloring difficult without a jarring feeling -weapons i seen thus far have the effect-
  2. i am not seeing any pbr'd skins, which ones where they?
  3. One thing about rhino's stomp that i think would add to the "Oomph" is making a similar explosion and residual impact bumpmap crater that is similar to the new custom colored ground slam attack to make it feel like the resulting shockwave looks noticeably more powerful.
  4. Didnt see it in the notes but the k-drives two turbine/engine things always reset to their default colors ingame but occasionally you can see the colors switch back in the arsenal but they just default back when you pull out and play.
  5. Just noticed that equinox dual throwing weapons or pistols have the right pistol/throwing weapon on her rump
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