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  1. Any chance to put an alert with the reward of the umbra form?
  2. Yes, I did, that's why I'm surprised that they didn't let me take the umbra form and hence my anger
  3. I watched the stream for more than 30 minutes, I went to dinner and when I came back to claim the form I couldn't, REALLY? Do you really think that this system is better than the previous one? Now I have to run out of form, right? this is bullS#&$: sob:
  4. I guess Khora won't get love on this day :shrug:
  5. Fixed two players being able to occupy the same Necramech in Operation: Orphix Venom. STILL BROKEN and I lost 2000 fasic cells. @[DE]Rebecca
  6. I was hoping my Christmas present was Khora's FIX :( Is it my impression or are the prices of the items too high compared to the reward? Anyway, thanks for the event, I don't know how I'm going to buy all this 😢
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