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  1. @[DE]Megan I understand that this thread is specifically regarding "Display Images", but the title is Fan Art, and art comes in many forms. In support of a friend's newish Warframe Podcast (The Fave's Cast!)I created a number of Warframe Radio Commercials. One is advertising toroids, another advertises amps... but the one that I'm most proud of is this kitgun advertisement for Zuud's Murderizers (on SoundCloud). I know this is off-beat by compare to what y'all typically share, but I wanted to share and submit it because... well... it is my Warframe Fan Art. 🙂 Whether it gets shown on stream or not, I hope y'all enjoy!
  2. With Fortuna's release, it got a lot harder to go invis by ducking in time with Octavia's 3. It used to be very easy to accomplish if you were playing Octavia, and somewhat difficult if you were not... now it's equally difficult for all. Any chance we can get that change looked at?
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