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  1. Just wondering will all prisma items be back to normal before the recent update also will ordis have his normal color back as well
  2. Just wondering can you fix ordis lighting because it’s odd for him to be a dull blue color as well as all prisma stuff because they are all looking weird
  3. I want to know with Prisma ships energy color and sigls energy color will be what you put down because it’s showing as default
  4. I have a question and I hope it can be fixed the energy color that we use for our ships like if you have a Prisma style ship the energy can be whatever color you picked but I notice on my ship is that the energy is a default will that be fixed in another hotfix
  5. Ok can’t wait to see the new gas planet rework to see the new style of enemy’s when it comes out also can’t wait to get wisp when she comes out I really love all her abilities
  6. Just wondering if the login where I had to use my mouse where I’m used to typing it will be fix where I can type my password again
  7. I would like to know if there’s a bug with signing in while using the keyboard because after the hotfix that I did and went back on to do some missions it wasn’t letting me type my password I had to use the mouse to put my password in I want to know if that’s a bug or something because I’m used to typing my password in
  8. Just wondering why is the login with using the keyboard with typing my password just curious if that’s a bug with that
  9. Just a issue with the sign in is that when the hotfix went through I tried to type my password and it wasn’t letting me type my password I had to use the mouse to click on the letters and numbers to my password then hit enter for it to work just wondering if it can be fixed
  10. I’m curious what’s wrong with the orb Vallis on my account when I try to go into the orb Vallis on public it was loading normally then it was having a issue then with that it let me into their but when I try to leave by aborting the mission it showed the loading screen of my ship but then back to the orb Vallis I tried it multiple times with the same results I try going to the elevator to go back to Fortuna it also didn’t work I had to exit out of he while game to be able to leave I’m wondering will that be fixed on my account or if everyone was having that same issue
  11. I’m having issues with the orb Vallis when I got on Warframe Sunday I got a firewall that wanted to know Warframe so I hit accept but I’m curious if there’s a bug that when going to the orb Vallis on public it was taking agile to load but when it went through it said it was frozen and that when I try to abort mission it would let me leave even going to the elevator it would let me out so I’m wondering if there’s a bug or glitch with it
  12. I just try to login like I would normally still no luck please fix it I want to play Warframe because Warframe is the best game I have ever played non of the other games I used to play match this one I really love it I want to be able to complete the codex get new weapons and frames
  13. Am I the only one without access to get in because I was playing Warframe like normal before the update then when the update came on when I did it I put my password in and it wouldn’t let me in is that a bug or something because I would love to play with the new frame and see what’s going on in orb valis
  14. How long till the once that can’t play can play again because I would like to play it after I get off work so I can see what the new updates will bring and how I can be used to them
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