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  1. I know is gauss isn't bleeding in this picture... The reason why I name "Bleed for Green and Gold" is that I got inspired by my highschool's colors and my football team as well.
  2. I know is gauss isn't bleeding in this picture... The reason why I name "Bleed for Green and Gold" is that I got inspired by my highschool's colors and my football team as well.
  3. Did you draw this??? This is amazing!!
  4. After my friends and I finish the tridolon hunt at the first night, we go back to the gate and start for the second run. We stuck at the gate for like 5 mins (I think). Then, we entered Poe and somehow the blue light didn’t show up. So I go to the tents for the bounties and I choose Capture the teralyst, gautrolyst, and hydrolyst. Somehow it said “Wait for Nightfall”. So I told my friends to go back and try again. I selected the bounty again Then we stuck at the gate for 5 mins again, then it happened again. Eidolon didn’t show up due to wait for nightfall. I ask one of my friends to host. When one of my friends start to host, the eidolon shows up???? Is this some kind of hosting problem or is this kind of a connection problem?? I see there are some people who has this problem as well since the Poe rework and ask for a fix. I was wondering is this gonna get fixed DE??
  5. https://twitter.com/realfluskywolf/status/1153467075588841472/photo/1
  6. Thanks for the hotfix! Oh i forgot to mention in poe. when i choose a bounty in konzu. I choose eidolon captures, somehow it said wait for nightfall but its already night? My group said that its my host problem or scripting error. Can you guys fix this?
  7. 1. When is railjack coming??? Are you guys going to be aiming at June, July, or August? 2. Also is the railjack and the new war quest going to be in one big update or separately?? 3. And about the operators as well, when i do the emotes the operators. I was thought about adding expressions onto our operators because their expressions were too plain like for example like when the operators do the wolf howl it didn't make a howl expression??? I was wondering if you guys will add expressions on the wolf howl on our operator??? that will be awsome 4. When i do the wolf salute and the wolf howl, they are somehow frozen after when they done the emotes?? For example, after warframes/operators do the wolf salute, they just cross their hands and just frozen like a statue?? And after they finish wolf howl, they are just stand there and frozen. Is it a bug??? Or thats the end of the animation???
  8. I have a question. Before the update on equinox prime and the Poe remaster, the operators can perform all the emotes such as eclipse narta. But after the update, I can’t perform the emotes on my operator. Is this a bug? Or did you guys remove with some sort of a explanation?? If you see this question, pls reply to me as soon as possible. Thank you!!
  9. I called this The Chicken. Moa on idle stance just for little bit then jumps onto the opposite side. Next the Moa tilted its head to its left for 25 degrees and turn into squat position and lower its head and starting to poke onto the floor. Beginning of the poking is slow then rapidly it starting to get a bit faster. After that, it lifts its head and starting to turn around its head to its left then start to poke onto the floor with the slow poking then a little fast poking then jumps back to idle stance.
  10. Thanks for the update! But can u guys pls change the operators' ears?? Its too big tbh... my operator looks like an elf???
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