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  1. TL;DR: Any chance we can permanently bind ability Augments to frames without consuming a mod slot ion return for some heavy investment? Hey guys! Something that it seems like both DE and players want more of in game is to reward investment in your arsenal, i.e. things like weapon rivens and unlocking dual-color energy on forma'd items. Would you consider the possibility of adding some similar investment loop specific to warframes? You have already addressed the possibility of warframe rivens in the negative, and personally i think you have good reason to. Warframe does have some inevitable issues with power creep as you continue to find ways to reward our effort and investment. BUT... augments are a very cool and well-implemented way to spice up the behavior of your warframe, and for many augments (such as Saryn's Regenerative Molt) many see it as de-facto requirements for use of many frames in higher level play. I think an interesting way to reward frame investment without adding too much power creep would be developing a high-investment pathway to permanently bind these augments to a frame, without the use of traditional mod slots or mod capacity (or possibly some reduced mod capacity for balance concerns). While I dont have a solid idea for what this pathway would look like, perhaps it involves meeting certain criteria (like completing Nightwave-like objectives) with the frame, or simply involving accumulating a large amount of experience or mission use with a particular frame. Just a humble opinion; this can definitely open a can of worms for some frames (looking at my girl Equinox), but I think such a pathway would have its place in the game for many players, who often have a few favorite frames they use on a regular basis. Thanks!
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