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  1. and/or an ungilded weapon can be disassembled, so you can try a new combination with the parts you have
  2. Noticed this on Lua crossfire mission, and it happens on a lot of tiles. They just come into existence on the screen, a little above the ground (I known that is to avoiding clipping, that's why I came to the conclusion that they are really spawning in my face). Their IA seems to be working fine, they started shooting me the moment they get on the floor. I'm on PC, I was using Gara prime, with Tenora prime, Pandero prime, and Oxylus with the botanist aug Edit: both Grinner and Corpus are spawning, being detected or not by the occulyst, and this is also happening on lua capture, but with lees frequency, maybe because of the spawnrate
  3. Can you tell what was the trigger?
  4. Yeah, but ghoulsaw is used by the ghouls, although kitbashing makes some sense, that's for all of Fortuna with kitguns. I have known that the new lab needs stuff, but thrashing things just for the sake of having something is not the way to do it...
  5. Yep, thats also happening with me, but with the whole body AND the helmet....
  6. So it should be the other way around, the stance with the Ventkids and the parts from the Ghouls...
  7. I use hotkeys for other things: Archwing, k-drives, mech, scan, heavy weapon, and landing craft. All other keys are too far away. but not gonna lie... swiping looks really cool (even though I with my coordination would pick everything but what I really want lol)
  8. That why "And just on my point of view", that's just my inner game designer talking about you having to open a menu in the middle of a gameplay... I'm not demanding to take that out of the game, and yes, I think I never used it, just like ciphers, but I have no problem with people that use it.
  9. Yep, I probably saw some of these topics. And just on my point of view, the pizzas are more a band-aid then a game mechanic, maybe somebody argues on that health pizzas are not, but thats another discution. That's not exclusive to warframe.... but I believe the devs can care if enough people complain and comment about it. The players asked so much for crossplay and crossave, Hydroid trailer, ghoul saw, and EVEN the new war. (I really don't remember when, but on a devstream last year maybe, Steve said that the new war would be "more an event than a quest" or something like that.) and people on chat got vocal about it.
  10. I know what you mean, but one step forward is better than none. Being able to do something more often, shows the player better how the game is and how it really works (kinda...). And making the player not feeling like "trash" for almost never be able to cast for the lack of energy. As I said in the title and on the main topic, they are not really cooldowns, are timers for free casts, I don't want to all Warframes be like Lavos (kinda like him, but was expecting more...) THAT really (and sadly) is a good point, but as they say, hopes die last...
  11. The first hours into a game are the most important ones to keep players. And there are already codes for cooldowns into the game, so the game already has some foundation pre-built in. The gameplay for the veterans will not change(a lot), we got Energize, Preparation, Rage, etc... So we will barely notice it, and when we do, it's when we saved some, hooray... So in summary, yes.
  12. First, I know that A LOT of people don't like the idea of cooldown timers on Warframe, and yeah, that would ruin the flow of a game like Warframe, but this topic focuses on another thing. So, I've seen some topics about the energy starvation that new players suffer in the early games, and for the cause of that, don't get to use the Warframes abilities very often. Then, how about the abilities to have cooldowns, but that does not mean you cannot cast it, if you cast within the cooldown timer, you spend the normal energy like we always have to. The cooldown timer is for a FREE cast of that abilities, of course, DE would have to do some math and put the cooldown timer for all abilities in the game. But I see that can make the gameplay more smooth, and not only for the new players, the energy leech the people do not like (to say the least), does not make you defenseless and unable to do anything anymore, you will just be on the wait for the recharge, keeping you more in the game flow, just having to be more strategic. The timers would reset aways for the last cast of that ability you spending energy or not. Abilities that drain energy per second still drain it, only having the free cast for it. Of course, this is a rough idea, but I kinda like it when it passed on my head and just wanted to share it.
  13. One thing that can also improve Yareli abilities and synergy is enemies caught by Sea Snares are dragged to the Aqua Blades while its active, and they also count to the damage multiplier on Riptide. I think this should be on all k-drives since the beginning...
  14. Nice! Any plans to make be able to change helmet colors apart from the body? some skins metalics surfaces are in different slots from the ones in the helmet.
  15. Yeah, there's still some place for improvement on the kuva lich system... on how they spawn to what weapon they have, as said above, the lich could use one of the weapon classes that are on what the player has equipped, and to increase the number of planets the larvlings can spawn, they should appear only on kuva syphon and kuva flood missions, with higher elemental bonus damage and higher chance for ephemera on floods.
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