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  1. Why not a octavia noggle, glyph, noble stance and agile stance?
  2. and here in brazil, comma isto represent Decimal Values and we use a . between 3 digits. so, dont be picking the details.... you understand what the OP is trying to mean
  3. or maybe the invulnerability time scaling with shield size....
  4. RailJack mission nodes work like open world bounties, where each planet has 5 nodes that vary on level and number of objectives, that will reduce the nodes for easier matchmaking and give it a mix of objectives for us to complete.
  5. The prices still a bit too high for the time invested though, but I really like the idea of sharing reward drops and store goods, if you dont get the luck to get the thing you want after some runs, you will maybe have the credits to buy it. This really needs to be implemented on more places like the arbitrations...
  6. Changing element with emissive colors was his passive, and with this "rework" he received a new one: That he can do double bullet jumps, so, maybe.
  7. So who trade his 1 with Helminth can still use different elements by the emissive colors.
  8. Can we have Chroma starting element on missions works like Equinox day/night form? so who trade his 1 with Helminth can still use different elements by the emissive colors.
  9. Yes, the pull is not strong enough and it could be buffed, but I'm looking at the damage scaling by the numbers of enemies hit by it. Having lots of enemies together is a good help for the tornadoes that will be casted. with the second ability being used on active tornadoes. And above it all, it gives usability to your first skill in addition to its mobility (that is lackluster in most closed areas...). Giving synergy to most of her kit.
  10. The vacuum created by the new augment can synergize pretty well with zephyr second and fourth abilities. while on gauss, maybe with his third one, but it is unnecessary, Because of not only the range , but damage that it already does...
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