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  1. Modding Steel Fiber to lose all the possible damage from Rhino Stomp and make Rhino Stomp a Crowd Control stun... Im happy with my 75% efficency build and Full Strenght but Rank 2 Blind Rage so I can stomp up to Level 40+. After that, it's always Loki's job anyway.
  2. lel. RIP Saryn. Long live Loki Master Race, lulz.
  3. Gr3vi3R

    Valkyr's Hysteria Is Not Overpowered.

    Im just gonna say this because this is a Forum and people like to hear opinions. This kind of invulnerability that makes you go for 2 hours in survival just makes me want to Quit because there's no challenge at all. That's how I see it.
  4. Gr3vi3R

    Welp All Mesa Haters

    They haven't done anything for Loki in 2 years, I'll guess you'll have to wait another couple. Meanwhile Im gonna enjoy my MasterPlace.
  5. Gr3vi3R

    Welp All Mesa Haters

    RIP Turret Mesa, welcome Spamryn. Saryn's next, enjoy her while you still can. < NERF TARGET ACQUIRED!
  6. Gr3vi3R

    Hardest Boss So Far?

    Vor when I started this game. Back at the start, every enemy was lethal and I actually had to use covers to survive in this game. Good old memories.
  7. Gr3vi3R

    What's The Point Of The Spira?

    So you can trash Despair or forget they even exist.
  8. Gr3vi3R

    Update 17.3.0

    What' the point of having a Syndicate Weapon that cannot use Syndicate Mod from the VERY SAME Syndicate? .....
  9. Gr3vi3R

    Hotfix 17.0.3

    I need Braton Prime gold trim to be tintable nau.
  10. Gr3vi3R

    Hotfix 17.0.2

  11. Gr3vi3R

    For Lazy People... (About Chinese Leaks)

    Long story short look at those China exclusives and... keep looking.
  12. Gr3vi3R

    Can We Please Leave Mesa Alone?

    Loki is broken and he will never be touched, that's what I love about him. Go my Loki white knights, protect the "2" frame!
  13. Gr3vi3R

    An Update On The Armistice

    You should admit your mistakes and give up on PvP tbh, it does not belong here. Being honest.
  14. Gr3vi3R

    Veterans Opinion Only/not Enough Content

    Come back when events are out, do them, and quit again. That's what I do.