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  1. Post Your Fashion Frames

  2. Profanity in weapon name. Are you serious?

    And still people will find a way to name them wrong. Naming was a mistake.
  3. Archwing in Plains of Elodion is horrible

    I don't even know how to get off in the first place.
  4. Caro Diario...

    JACKPOT giusto per condividere un momento felice
  5. Tell me your thoughts on PoE

    I was expecting more.
  6. Leaving Planes safely

    How can I leave without pressing Cancel Mission after I've did a job?
  7. Not much hype for a hype site

    Is today the day?
  8. That's a good reply but he goes down in 2 shots, then one can go back whirlwinding.
  9. Favorite Frame?

    I would say Chroma, but he's too OP for this game lol, I need Lv 200 enemies to start having fun with him
  10. Before 24 October, before Destiny 2 releases on PC. That's your 100% timeline.
  11. I tried using firearms and main rifles sometimes but nothing beats something like a windmill Guandao even at higher levels of play in terms of farm time. You just need to windmill around, you don't need to aim, you don't need to stop, you destroy and gather everything around you. The only tihng that makes me switch to handguns are Nullifiers. How do you think this game could force a bit more firepower? Create an enemy or something, share your thoughts.
  12. That would be very kind of you if you could add that,
  13. Braton Prime Vs Boltor Prime for Endgame

    I was just sperimenting with my Braton tonight (CET) (in fact I also made a topic about it, but Im not gonna bother yours with it, it's here in the first page anyway if you're interested) and I would say to you: Im running a Corrosive Status Braton Prime with 2x90% mod and 2x60/60 Toxic/Electricity for high corrosive damage and status proc. With Shred, Im able to take down a 135 Corrupted Eximus Bombard with one and half magazine no buffs whatsoever, a simple Rhino Roar would just take me one magazine. As far as I can tell I also tried Boltor but since you can't either build it Status or Crit, at some point the armor will be so high even the highest puncture damage will not be able to penetrate it, while my Status Braton was able to completely remove said armor, wich means that the weapon have the potential of going even higher than a 135 Eximus. I would safely go with the Braton, but Im gonna give you an extra: It doesn't work with Frost. When you freeze an enemy, you're not able to apply any status to them, so the Status Braton does not work I found out a crit Vaykor Hek to be the most suitable weapon for him due to the reducing armor and crit build. Hope I helped you.
  14. So, I was kinda sperimenting with mi Braton Prime at Simaris with a Corrosive Status build against a 135 Eximus Bombard when I've discovered something odd I cannot explain. At first I was using the weapon without any additional fire rate because I always thought about ammo management... Then I started adding Shred out of curiosity and I was melting the enemy better, proably because with a faster fire rate I was stacking more status. My experiment continued as I was able to reach the common point of 0% enemy armor... so I thought to myself: "If I add Speed Trigger, wich is 30% more fire rate, I should be able to stack even more status faster" Surprisingly I keep to obtain the same result but with less ammo consumption with Shred and not Speed Trigger. The result kinda made me happy, but the question is, how is that? Can anybody explain this? Is there something Punch trough does I do not know? - Im leaving you the build I used so you can try yourselves: Im also open to stronger builds if anyone knows -
  15. Soo... custom weapons.

    I really wish I could personalize scopes.