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  1. Play those games then. I enjoy my Trinity. Your joy shouldn't be my despair.
  2. What if I'm running no charm buff from my Kavat, should I switch to operator inmediately too?
  3. Interesting, I am using a Smeeta Kavat and right now for the first time got 1200 kuva instead of the 2400 i should have gotten (but i've managed to get up to 5000 with smeeta buff + booster + market booster). Gonna go without him and see if I get again x4 or not.
  4. The thing is, I was solo when the weekend bonus came, and I'm still solo, so it must be something related to account updating or session creation. I don't know dude.
  5. It's working for me all the time, I've been playing Solo since the event started, that might be the reason my kuva is not acting weirdly?
  6. But there is nothing to fix. Sentinels are machines and they can suck items in with their vacuum, but cats and dogs? They just need something that gives players a reason to use them over sentinels.
  7. I didn't mention weapons in any moment... the only difference between you and me is probably 10 years of lifetime.
  8. I'm pretty sure for OP those units with silly high armor were also "heavy" units like Guneers and Bombards...
  9. Reavers and Ballifs have silly high armor. Not saying that I didn't like it, but the event was 3 grineer missions withr recoloured enemies and that annoying ice in the last one.
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