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  1. Thank you for reducing the "defensive electric shocks"... That was the only thing driving me nuts
  2. Also happens for me with the purple ones.. a few times when nothing was happening around me, it seamed like I might have been collecting the drop, but the icon remained. Not 100% sure.
  3. 1. Valkyr - main 2. Saryn - DPS 3. Ivara - Stealth 4. Nekros - Farming 5. Wisp - Team buff
  4. I don't think I've ever screwed one for other players. I usually solo them. There's been the odd sortie groups where someone else screwed it. I'm always willing to try it again especially with new players.
  5. I've been playing heavily since the update and just got this same message for the first time, a moment ago. Goes away when you're in the options menu, and gone at the end of mission.
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