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  1. When will we be able to modify operator's appearance while in Captura?
  2. You interrupt our play with minor optimization and minor texture fix "hotfix"? Are you okay?
  3. The text on Endurance Drift is wrong: on builder site it says "15% POWER MAX", it's supposed to be "15% Energy Max".
  4. Featureframe still lacks mechanism that would guarantee that all squad gets reactants before mission end. Players are afraid to kill too fast, since that would prevent reactant drop. Why is this mental terrorism still a thing? Also in missions after certain time, fissures stop appearing, so whoever joined, let say midway in a fissure mission, will not encounter any fissure spawns, thus failing to collect required amount of reactant. Frustrating, waste of time. WHY doesn't Featureframe still have mechanism that would guarantee that all squad gets required reactant? WHY DE?
  5. For several missions now I've had this weird thing that, even if all squad has 10 reactants collected, not all get to select reward. I first thought that people simply didn't equip relic, but they did, since I did, I had 10 reactants, and I was denied to select my reward. So this is actually a new feature in Featureframe. Be aware.
  6. The worst variant is when they take your gun away, but Bugframe doesn't generate your gun drop, so you won't be able to recover it in the mission anymore. In one mission I was lucky to even lose both of my guns.
  7. Not glitched. It's the low %. It's RNG. And it works as intended. You're just having a bad time.
  8. Thumb rule of WF: ALWAYS extract too when host extracts! DE will never fix host migration.
  9. DE pls add option to disable game launcher's sound and add option to auto login, both which come in handy when game bugs out and you want to return fast.
  10. Several times in low risk I had this weird thing that match simply abruptly ends. As if time ran out. And it shows this weird message, about final time, or what was it. But there is a lot of time left, hundreds of seconds! And then it shows that we won screen because we had more points. Does Index have somekinda kick-em-out-because-reasons thing? Or is this yet another Index breaking bug?
  11. Used to be able to 1-2 shot their weak points, now after update it takes forever. Yet another fun part replaced with mind numbing grind. Thanks for buffing eidolons, DE!
  12. I used to be able to 2 shot vombs at poe with my 223, but now it takes 5-6 shots to murder 1. What the hell happened? Is this an official change?
  13. I'd like to see them grind all the toroids for vox solaris, without any boosters.
  14. Chat needs upgrades: Delete unwanted messages before posting! Seeing chat jumping after each delete is super annoying! Add ability to filter [links]! Chat is ruined now! Add ability to clear chat.
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