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  1. I cannot locate button to toggle off Adaptive Exposure, where is it? I cannot see lots of light sources with this gimmick feature dimming them out!
  2. Forum is like Reddit: your opinion matters.
  3. Here are some nice pics of Ropalolyst with the Adaptive Exposure that DE forced upon us: This has never happened before, since I keep all resource hogging junk visual noise off.
  4. I cannot see energy circles, I cannot see nullifier bubbles, or any energy bubbles, I cannot see health and energy orbs well, I'm also having hard time mining with sunpoint plasma drill. I absolutely love how WF's playability has increased a lot thanks to forced Adaptive Exposure! Setting brightness to the same level as surface of the Sun does not disable the devastating effect of Adaptive Exposure.
  5. I'm also blind now. I cannot see anything. Everybody only says to play with brightness, but neither that or contrast disable devastating visual effect of adaptive exposure.
  6. Sentinel weapons category is missing Helstrum: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helstrum
  7. I demand back ability to toggle off Adaptive Exposure! Now everything is too dark. I cannot see nullifier bubbles or ability circles. Playing with brightness does not toggle off adaptive exposure! DE, when forcing this upon us did you ever consider playability?
  8. Why do Arch-melee weapons have Kuva element setting at top? Also, Cutting Edge got updated: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Cutting_Edge
  9. Well, with such low ammo, Bramma is now yet another mr fodder. Why waste our time like that? Always with something new. I really would like to start an investigation who in glob's name asks for all these nerfs. As nobody ever asks for my opinion. Might as well reduce all frames and weapons into generic, nerf frame abilities to zero, so in the end WF would be a generic, boring shooter like CS, with nothing unique, except broken hopes.
  10. All I want for Christmas is a single button to toggle off visual noise/confusion for maximum FPS, minimal resource waste and clarity. Also for game launcher to not use any resources when idle. And autologin. And option to toggle off cinematics. And removal of unneeded timers. And ability to choose if I want to risk joining a squad with host with worst ping imaginable, or host a mission myself. And all equipment mod slots to remember all polarities formaed, or just an universal forma, to remove tedious grinding for new setups. And ability to kick out leechers from squad. And ability to know if squad member has been "suspended from chat services".
  11. ESC to escape from NPC story telling when? When stop wasting our time?
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