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  1. Talking about "micro" optimizations... Why does the Launcher consume 12.5% (a full thread) of my CPU, or ~25% of GPU when GPU acceleration enabled? Will the launcher ever have an option to be energy efficient? After this update, alt+tabing isn't anymore instant, it now takes forever. When game is minimized, it doesn't idle, it continues to consume ~33% of my CPU. Is it really needed? At least it isn't using GPU. Why are players still forced to endure cinematics everywhere? Why do we have to mash our space bar? Why do we have so many loading screens? I can bet some info can be reused from memory without forcing 30 second of loading into and out. Why are we forced to wait 10 seconds on Mission Summary screen? Why can't we fast travel to Maroo in Maroo's Bazaar? Or Borko K'teer? Why isn't the ship circling around the planet of any last visited location, including relay and bazaar? Why do some UI elements (SO's zone finish score box, ordis, assasssins) consume half the screen, blocking view to what's actually important? Why do we have to mash M to switch between maps of different information, why can't we just have 1 decent sized map box or overlay with important info only? Why does extraction spot toggle off map overlay? When will Warframe finally be able remember password and auto login?
  2. Also, Hydroid's ability #4's details aren't shown as ranging from base to charged: energy cost should be displayed as 50-100, range 5-15, quantity 10-20 Currently it only shows charged energy cost and base values of range and quantity. Confusing.
  3. JS error: "Cannot read property '10' of undefined" 1. Open a new build of random warframe 2. Search for Umbral 3. Pick random Umbral mod, put in random slot 4. Open JS console 5. Left-hold-click on the installed mod in slot, drag dozen pixels down, let it go to let it fall back to its slot, repeat a few times until you get first error in Console. 6. Now pick next random Umbral mod, put in random slot: first Umbral mod will disappear and next error will be thrown in console Second JS error will be fatal, forcing to F5
  4. Why does Launcher.exe consume 12% of my CPU?
  5. I have a dream, that one day...
  6. From https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Eros_Arrow_Skin Also, somebody should fix the typo in wiki, there should be "dying" instead.
  7. Like grace period after migration to prevent enemies from shooting you to death after migration, to give you time to prepare for waves. But gone wrong.
  8. I keep getting Excalibur included under Rank after mission end. Dunno when exactly, but I think I started seeing this bugframe like half a year ago. I've not noticed anyone else reporting this. But ofc, since it appears always last in the list and requires player to scroll down in case of many equipment, players do not bother, so it's the least annoying visual bug. I think Excalibur gets included in case of a mission where archwing can be used.
  9. Today I did some trading. I got super annoyed that absolutely all mods I traded gave me 2 popups of "this mod is used by an equipment, mod will be automatically removed". Every single mod I traded triggered the popups. And none of the mods were in use. Praise Lord I won't be needing to trade for looooong time...
  10. I get something similar after some missions, but instead of "Warframe: Expired" I see regular Excalibur gaining affinity. Black picture just like that. And I don't even own a regular Excalibur. I've seen this for long time now. Now that's what I'd call a bugframe. 😄
  11. Round 3 in low risk Index after host left, this is what I'm left with: score board shown for several seconds while an opponent shooting me to death. I'm never given control. I get killed and will never be respawn. The only option I have is alt+f4. DE, WHEN WILL YOU FIX INDEX'S HOST MIGRATION?????! Do I have to post this in Reddit for you to acknowledge the issue? This is absurd!
  12. Have to say, nice time to leave us with semi broken PS; DE doesn't work at weekends.
  13. It was fixed in last PS. For some reason this feature got reintroduced for this PS. Well, you get what you pay for.
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