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  1. Round 3 in low risk Index after host left, this is what I'm left with: score board shown for several seconds while an opponent shooting me to death. I'm never given control. I get killed and will never be respawn. The only option I have is alt+f4. DE, WHEN WILL YOU FIX INDEX'S HOST MIGRATION?????! Do I have to post this in Reddit for you to acknowledge the issue? This is absurd!
  2. Have to say, nice time to leave us with semi broken PS; DE doesn't work at weekends.
  3. It was fixed in last PS. For some reason this feature got reintroduced for this PS. Well, you get what you pay for.
  4. I remember last Plague Star was almost flawless. Now we have drone getting stuck feature back again. For the second time the drone gets stuck at that location. It just doesn't know how to go forward from that peak.
  5. No funds for dedicated server setup. Also no funds for human resources who'd write fail safe code for any network issue. DE should offer monthly subscription for "Be a host, on DE's dedicated server, Only $9.999.9$$€" That would be one way. Other way would be by obeying this standard business practice: get friends to play the game, play together, agree who has the best gaming internet and let that guy host all games only. Or, don't play.
  6. You need technical support. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/202940448-Technical-Support
  7. Oml, DE is experimenting sonic weapons on railjackers.
  8. Welcome to Bugframe, Open Beta (forever), you get what you paid for. :)
  9. You obviously do not know about different rng functions in programming and how cheap variant is definitely a bad choice over real rng.
  10. Is https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html officially maintained? I did a test on Ukko in the morning and evening and I'm getting certain relics more often than others. The table shows that all have equal %. Either the table has wrong data, or the RNG code is very very bad, or the RNG function used just cheap instead of real RNG variant.
  11. Cannot complete NW missions: When selecting an invasion location, I STILL get thrown into random invasion mission instead. Cannot do any vault runs: gear wheel is now broken, shows 99 and cannot add any gear, can only replace or remove.
  12. Last update broke my gear wheel: it shows 99 and I cannot add any items into my gear wheel, can only remove and replace.
  13. All Empyrean introduced bugs here: And yes, you are not alone.
  14. Cannot do any invasion missions properly: I pick Gradivus, getting Gradivus, Repeat mission, throws into Spear. Rage. Manually selecting Gradivus again. After completing mission it shows I did Ares instead. Not bothering with invasions anymore until fix.
  15. @Thisguy00 Your problem is separate issue: some mining spots are just broken.
  16. Did you Solo and have Rising Tide quest active? Set to Public and mining spots should work again.
  17. You don't get the Grendel parts, the things you purchased actually unlock Grendel part rewarding missions. You need to complete the missions to get the parts.
  18. ETA on when Fireball Frenzy (updated), Immolated Radiance, Healing Flame, Exothermic, Tesla Bank, Photon Repeater and Repelling Bastille (updated) get added?
  19. When solo mining for Rising Tide stuff on PoE or OV, there's a chance that at some point mining spots disappear from whole map.
  20. This problem exists for years now. This isn't the only thread about this issue; there are dozens. Not a word from DE about resolving this.
  21. Known issue for billions of years. And I've never heard DE mention about resolving this. But I do notice "get better internet" from time to time.
  22. Found a typo: Ember's "IMMOLATION" has "DAMAGE REDUCTION (MIN)" twice. I presume the second is supposed to have "MAX" at the end instead. Also, can't wait until Ember's and Vaub's new Augments get added too.
  23. If all above fails, then do Verify and Optimize in game launcher.
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