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  1. DE staff does not read your complaints here. They fix reported stuff randomly, and usually the easiest problems.

    Notice, DE staff never joins to tell they acknowledged the issue and will fix it.
    Also notice that PC Bugs subforum is full of various reports. Some problems reported several years ago are still present today in WF.
    I also came to understanding that for DE, if you cannot prove 100% that the problem exists, the problem does not exist. I advise to record all (buggy or prone to bug) missions and upload at YouTube for e.g.

  2. Will there ever be dedicated "issues tracker" for WF? Idk why some things get fixed, I don't know where the ancient reports of still unfixed stuff is, idk if DE is aware of problems and plan to fix them. I DO NOT KNOW. Or perhaps players bring in just enough money so DE doesn't bother with QA, especially by looking at how DE (supposedly) donates away money (to shady or never heard of places). Why are 3rd parties more important than players?

  3. Equip secondary > pick up power cell > let an excavator consume the power cell > be amazed why you have primary equipped - DE you broke this few updates ago! UNDO!
    Also DE, pls add feature to have 2x secondary weapons instead 1x primary and 1x secondary.

  4. Dear DE, please implement mechanism that retains all effects - sprint toggle, focus abilities, frame abilities etc - for all remaining players if host leaves mission. And also pause enemy AI for 3 seconds so squad wouldn't have to start dead in heavy mob attack.

  5. Dear DE, please remove that annoying "strict ports blah blah" message on every damn login: 1. it's uninformative, 2. I cannot do anything to satisfy client's demands since I have non negotiable ISP level port block, 3. port block does not affect my game.

  6. Hi DE, my ISP closed my ports. The internet service I'm using does not allow port opening ISP side. I want to have an option in WF to disable showing that absolutely useless message every time I log on.

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