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  1. >Ironbride >pretty good does that make Arquebex the second coming of Jesus?
  2. I've wanted a pet juggernaut since they were added.
  3. No, the game decays half of your argon crystals at a fixed time every day
  4. They WERE in the isolation vaults, but were removed when the mission targets were changed from leapers to enemies that didn't kill themselves.
  5. except equinox also has an actual passive in addition to the energy colour, so there's a 99.9% chance nothing is going to change in that regard.
  6. redline's buffs aren't affected by power strength, they're affected by duration
  7. He is the next male frame to be primed by order of release
  8. comparing infested kitguns to base kitguns is kinda wrong, since we only got 2 infested zaw strikes, when there are way more base strikes. we'll probably only get 2 infested chambers if I had to guess.
  9. only if it can also be used on the corrinth prime
  10. intrinsics, necramech, kuva weapons
  11. it regens shields, it just stops when they're broken for the first time.
  12. and it never has counted, you have to do the main node and always have, it used to be you couldn't do alerts until you cleared the main node
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