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  1. Yes, I am aware...which was the point of my small issue with the intermission. They made it easy to get enough for level 16, maybe even 21-22 if we have another week of intermission. For it to hard stop at 15 is just wrong.
  2. First, a message to everyone ripping on Nightwave, saying it's not fun or whatever. If you don't like it, then DON'T DO IT and just go on about doing whatever you normally do in Warframe. In the meantime STFU about not liking Nightwave. There are plenty of us who DO like the Nightwave challenges, ALL the challenges as they currently are. Nightwave is a nice change of pace from the same-old-same-old that keeps the game interesting. Second, I do have a small issue with the Nightwave intermission. Once you've hit level 15, that's it. You can't go on to do additional Nora cred levels like you could with Wolf cred. Since it is easily possible to hit level 15 and have more than enough additional Nightwave standing to continue on it's a bit ridiculous that we can't. Please fix this for all future Nightwave Acts and Intermissions.
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