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  1. Better than the last 10 years worth of posts on the subreddit combined.
  2. 100% agree. Other companies support streamers/youtubers all the time, without putting them on a pedestal to feed their teenage power-trip or make the jealous part of the community hate them.
  3. Unfortunately, the "feedback" they get is more split than you would think. If you look on reddit for example, nobody there cares about gameplay content, the top10 posts are memes and artworks always, and they will praise DE for getting a new "floof" from Baro. So yeah, they get a lot of different "feedback", and I don't fault them for not knowing what to do with it. I personally think their downfall will be their prioritization of short-term cash-grabs (cosmetics, useless guitars) over actual improvement of their core game and increasing their quest/lore portfolio. Which is weird to me, because one would think a game that is clearly their only horse in the stall would be more built towards having an actual legacy and have people behind it that understand what "long-term cash" means.
  4. Coming from other games I was also curious why content creators are so disregarded in this game. Usually they are the glue between the playerbase and a company, but not here, why? 1) The partner program is not needed; and only furthers the "power trip" fantasy that some of the younger content creators apparently can't handle. It's redundant, companies support content creators they like without putting them on a pedestal all the time. The only thing DE did by creating the program is putting them on a pedestal for the community to hate and themselves to think they are special, it's complete bs. 2) This game is just not very deep, nobody needs more guides, there is no content to talk about. As someone else in this forum pointed out a week ago: "Warframe is wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle" Coming from a game like Path of Exile, where content creators are key and highly regarded, Warframe just doesn't have much depth to need people to teach you anything. Sure it's cute if you watch a video of another "how to mod your shotgun, oh it's the same mods as always"-video, but content creators just aren't as relevant in this game. This game is about barbie dressup and logging in, getting your timegated "carrot on a stick" and not about "high level strats" or "efficiency", which is why everything other than memes and comedy just doesn't get as much recognition as it would in other, more demanding games.
  5. Yeah dude, it's a conspiracy plotted by DE to get your plat. They are onto your crazy unique method of hoarding prime parts, which definitely nobody else does!
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