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  1. Addition of credits to the boss fight sounds great, hopefully Orbs can be a viable alternative to the Index.
  2. Please can Simaris sell veiled sentinel riven mods? Please can we select which loadout A B or C from the navigation menu? Any plans to review pets? It's really hard to fit things like the new 60/60 pet mods on, would make sense if kubrows/kavats were treated the same as sentinels/moas and had separate (exalted) claw weapons. Some more things to buy with vitus essence would be awesome too. Thanks, looking forward to the stream. Edit: How about Zaws for the other melee types? Warfan Zaw XD?
  3. Thank you for the awesome post, it was a really interesting read.
  4. Please don't remove the sentinel rivens! I really like the deconstructor riven I have and now it's going to be hard to get a sweeper riven when I eventually get carrier prime.
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