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  1. Today, I start a Bounty mission on PoE, and we finished with 5th phase. Going to extract, and 00:03 before extract, the Host quit, and we lose 2 Axi O1 and 400 Endo..

    Its not about the Reward...its about the time who spend with it to collect all you want. And what now? there is nothing in our hand.

    What if someone do 50- or more round in Defense? The Host quit and they lose everything because the connection cannot stand up again? NOWAY.

    DE, you should solve this problem or make a system what save everything until the palyers playing in mission. 1 by 1...u dont know. Help us

  2. Just to share my opinion I think these Warfames are the best for my playstyle:

    1. Rhino: A lot of playtime with it, and this frame wast the first who ensured me how to be Tank and Effective at the same time.
    2. Trinity: The lady of elegancy. Very good support character and also could be tanky with Link and EV.
    3. Nekros: That Lord is magnificent necromancer what is very cool thing with itself.
    4. Nidus: Nidus is God...I always said that...a stuck-up frame with a bombastic CC. He always be an undying one 😉
    5. Hydroid: If Davy Jones could see that...gonna pop off his mind instantly. The 4th ability Is very useful I can say.
  3. Hello DE!

    I experienced a bug in ESO/SO matchmaking, what wast much pleasant to me.
    Me and 3 other player fighting in ESO, and in Wave 4-5, the Host was quit from the match. Its okay.

    BUT, after loading screen the matchmaking dropped me away, to another match at Wave 8, and I losed all of my XP about 100k or something like that. So I had to start it again....
    The question: How is that happend?

    PS: The guys on that match (in wave8) asked me: "How did ya joined here, hows that happend?" so yeah...big, serious problem here

    Pls respond as soon as you can. Thank you

  4. Thats was a very good event, In my opinion. I enjoyed.
    The Grustag Three are so badass assasin gropu I have to admit. That was the first time, when I really face off with them by myself. Good fight, much better fellings after succesful fight 😄

    Now we have a new relay, and the power of the Steel Meridian still growing 😉

    Best regards mates

  5. title_Introduction.png

    Hello Warframe Community!

    My name is DUROV, and i would like to say "Hello" for everyone and introduce myself. I've been playing for about 1 month, and I really enjoy every moment of that game.
    To be honest, I never saw that game before like that....so many option/customisation, many quest and oportunity, Open world and adventure...PvP and PvE system all around...and soo on. Actually this game has everything whats neccesary.

    Im glad, because I find my favorite Warframe already, as a Rhino Prime (massive, strong and effective) its perfect for me fort the "1st milestone". 
    Day by day I heard/see many new things what I had not know much about, but slowly I could learn every segment and secrets of it. (e.g. Effective Tridolon Hunt...and so on)
    And the good news is that, the DE plans more fantastic content for us, as I heard from community. Fortuna, new warframes...my veins are burning when I hear these news 😄

    After 1 month, I reach that level when I can say: " Im not a newbie anymore" and with my MR11 its kinda true.
    BUT,I know there's not any level or a number what could substitute the real experience of any player.

    Thank you for letting me to tell that, and I wish you guys many luck for good drops/many enjoy for playtime and keep it up!😏

    Ingame Name: DUROV196616
    MR level: MR11
    Main character: Rhino Prime
    Interests: Fight all the day

    I didn't find better topic to tell these thing, i hope its not a wrong place :) 


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