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  1. Alright perfect! I'll have final payment to you by the end of the month. :3
  2. I just want my moa to move around the ship like the kubrow and kavat do
  3. OMG its better than I had even hoped for!! One thing I'd like to adjust is the quality of the symbol behind them to be of a more similar quality to the chains and the acolytes? Otherwise I absolutely love it and am so excited! :PPP
  4. I came to this thread looking for this post... I wasn't disappointed.
  5. Omg ill send you another 5 from USD then. My bad entirely!! I'm not gonna skip out on your hard work lol.
  6. Finally got my PayPal activated!!! I just sent you the 20$ downpayment! Let me know if you received it!
  7. I'm getting paid tomorrow. I'm unfamiliar with paypal but I set up an account yesterday and now just waiting for tomorrow haha. Question. You inserted the link for you to be paid in your description. Do I just put in the amount of the first payment and send it? Easy as that? Or do you want to know directly before I send it so we can make sure it was received and properly sent?
  8. Absolutely fantastic and understandable! I will get the down payment to you within the week! Payday comes by in a couple days so then I will be sure you get your money!!! I can't wait!
  9. XBOX CLAN AND ALLIANCE CLAN (XBOX) Clan Name: Cult of Corruption Preferred Payment Type: Platinum (Or $$$ depending on how it works out) Design Details: I'm thinking of some sort of symbol (I'm really not sure what, something representing darkness and or the void), and then I want that to be sort of corroding away to reveal a damaged stalker symbol. So like part of the top emblem is corroding to show who is truly behind our "cult" or "corruption". I was thinking between stalker or the man in the wall, but I can't think of any symbol representing the man in the wall. Links to reference images: None ALLIANCE (XBOX) Alliance Name: Cults of the Void Preferred Payment Type: Platinum (Or $$$ depending on how things work out) Design Details: Some sort of grouped symbol showing the uneasy truce between all the cults participating in the clan... Like random (but badass symbols lol) I have no idea so you've got complete freedom there... Black, red, dark colours for both are best. Stalker themed. This emblem could have a chain breaking between the 'cults' or maybe two of stalkers acolytes are breaking chains holding them back from each other. no idea lol Links to reference images: None Additional Comments Really sorry I'm asking for so much, but I'm willing to pay the fair amount! Hello! Someone forwarded me for you because I've been searching for someone with talent to do both a clan and alliance emblem for me. ๐Ÿ˜› You've definitely got a good skillset and have some amazing pieces!! And then when I have a little extra plat again, I'll probably come by for my PC Clan and Alliance lol... Thank you. How much would you estimate this being?
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