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  1. Yes, it's been established that it's not actually a bug. Maybe an oversight, but not a flaw in the system. It is, however, incredibly frustrating and rather stupid.
  2. Was doing a mission in Hydron, Sedna to level a weapon, decided to leave after 5 because it's lunch time. Noticed the top left of the selection screen, beside our icons, was displayed incorrectly. It was not a void fissure.
  3. I disagree with both statements. Hysteria is strong, yes, but it's an ultimate ability, it's meant to be strong. It has a rather high energy drain and is limited to extreme close combat, can be disrupted by nullifiers, and is useless vs aerial enemies and a large number of the bosses. It's not an overpowered ability in most gameplay, the way Mesa's 4 can be. It's a niche ability that exists for a few particular bosses and extermination. I guess with Hysterical Leap you can get more utility out of it but beyond that, it's just... strong. Not "OP needs nerf" strong. I do think she needs some QoL adjustments though, but removing invulnerability is not the way to go, especially considering the damage accumulation can kill you anyways.
  4. Except that if you have a weapon out it doesn't? The invulnerability literally does not matter when you get nuked for having a weapon out for 0.2s in high end missions. That argument is pointless.
  5. This is pretty much exactly what my issue is. I use aim glide a lot to reposition and modify my trajectory, it's a mechanic of the game. So why should I be killed basically instantly in midair because I tapped aim for a second? I know it's an "intended feature" of melee 3.0 but it's stupid. It shouldn't count for Exalted weapons, especially since the drain stays on too.
  6. Can we please address the bug with Valkyr's hysteria that has persisted ever since the melee form update? When you're in hysteria, aiming automatically re-equips your primary weapon, removing your invulnerability, but maintains the energy drain of the ability. To switch back to Hysteria claws mode you have to melee attack. It's really annoying and should not in any way be intentional. I know Valk doesn't have the most prevalent place in the game right now, but myself like many others really enjoy her and this kind of spoils her best ability.
  7. I can't seem to find the time stamp, they mentioned something about Discord Nitro and that Mag skin that Rebecca had on, can someone tell me the stamp or the info relating to that? As for the devs and stream team, and to all tenno who see this, happy holidays!
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