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  1. I beg to differ. Last time I ripped of one of its arm, it kept charging me to the death and occasional salvo of mines. I wonder who would play this content if there were no hard counters like Octavia. Imagine dancing with six Necramechs for some relics. What a great reward.
  2. A bit of theoretical side note question. If I had Adaptation at 90%, total reduction from armor at 80%, Shield of Shadows at 90%, would it become this: 1 - ((1-0.9) * (1-0.8) * (1-0.9)) 1 - (0.1 * 0.2 * 0.1) 1 - 0.002 0.998 99.8% damage reduction against incoming damage? (ignoring damage types and etc)
  3. Issue with Smite for me is mod slot requirement. For basic frames like Inaros it aint that hard of a choice, just ditch some health and go for Smite with Augment. Slowa would benefit a lot from Smite, by ditching one duration mod. Xata Whisper on the other hand... not sure where to use it well. Sentients are no issue as i free them from their mortal shells with Paracesis without a big of an issue. I know! HEALING MOTHER F****** LOID IN VAULTS! Void status effect is nice, like mini Mag. My thoughts are that Xata Whisper would go on Status builds, whilst Smite just plain ra
  4. I think our friend over here is trying to say "Allow me to ditch useless Kuva Lich after I spawn it, as the weapon it offers is worse than what I already have". He got a Kuva Nukor Lich that has 26% frost damage, even tho he has 41% tox damage Nukor. He doesn't want that weapon nor he wants to farm that lich and waste his time. So what he proposes - a button that would allow to ditch the crappy 26% frost damage Lich and move on to next Larva and restart the cycle faster.
  5. Forgive me, didn't think of that. Not sure Xaku or its Helminth ability is that useful, gamedefining or niche filling frame. Also stopped caring about MR after 18 softcap. But yeah, its from my personal perspective, for others it seems grind is mandatory then. I hope DE will fix this mess within six months or so, so that players who do want to enjoy the content could play properly and enjoy it. P.S. I fed my first Xaku to Helminth as it's not useful frame (for me) and have blueprints for another one if someone finds some cheese and unique build.
  6. To be honest, Deimos has zero to none useful items outside of Deimos loop. Trumna hype is high, but I think it will settle down within a month or two. It's not worth bothering, unless they will add something useful and interesting - meta defining. Of course its mandatory for Helminth. Other than that - meh. At least Kuva Lich weapons are useful.
  7. Hello! After doing "yet another" Isolation Vault run, I got a bit salty. If I would go take a swim in Atlantic Ocean, it would become Dead Ocean. Reward system is just infuriating. First vault seems fair as you can get a processed "jewel". Second vault gives you relics and matrices. I have enough of that trash already for two lifetimes. Third one has a low chance for a weapon part, but more than nothing you will get those damn relics and matrices. What the hell are you supposed to do with all those matrices and relics. Bought out Loids assortment of items within few days. Sit
  8. Encountered the same thing. After re entering Simulacrum had a new song playing.
  9. Found a solution that worked for me. It's impossible to "scrap" item through the "scrap" menu if you clicked "repair" item at least once. BUT it's possible to click on item, in normal loadout menu, and next to repair button there is "scrap" button. Hitting that will let you scrap the item. Hope it helps to someone else, who stumbles upon it. Attaching a picture with related info. Edit: I know it might look like i am clicking on non-locked Zetki Apoc Mk III, but i assure it is not, i trashed them both. Carcinnox was spared of course.
  10. Same thing is still happening for me. Any tips on how to workaround it? Don't need the scrap, just to free up my 30/30 loot.
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