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  1. You can all gaslight and argue with me all you like about endgame i don't care what your opinion is on it or me as it is entirely besides the point. i came here to leave feedback or id have posted to general discussion and discussed it. DE know why they added arbitration, they know why their best partners and so many players are leaving and i know why they are reworking these game modes. the point here is the arb changes are a massive step in the no direction at all! iv seen so many awesome ideas rained down on you DE and you have turned your backs and wasted your own time and resources. /feedback
  2. well you might not like it but it is what it is. iv made several threads echoing what you say and offering ideas to make it much more interesting and so has many people and its besides my point here. they changed nothing! give in one hand and take from the other. the biggest complaint i hear is the nuisance mechanics and false scaling ad they dont even change that? all they have to do is remove ithe drones and set AI and levels to normal and its instantly 10 times better but no, death ears as always! but hey at least we have a mod we can farm that KILLS US INSTANTLY! hurray game saved
  3. Caught my eye as my tenno stood up ready to instantly log out with my daily log-in reward and i just cant contain my complete disillusion. really what was the point in these changes? are you taunting us? do you really have this feeble a grasp on end game content. For the sake of getting a load off my chest let my spell it out nice and simple what end game is. Fighting the highest level/difficulty enemies possible. that is it! This is why your best partners are often seen in solo survival or ESO not to spend 3 hours in a mission but swing at bigger monsters and nothing more how is this not obvious to you! If you want those of us who aren't once in a life time awe inspiring mind boggling legendary Masochists to want to play this complete meme of a game mode consider the following. Enemies are obviously nerfed. they miss more, do less damage and are more predictable. STOP THAT! and give us the same enemies we would find anywhere else at that level or its is pointless. Remove these stupid drones! they just force you to pick a weapon that easily kills them and trivializes the mobs even more. consider that some people playing this just want to test themselves! isn't this a novel idea that just having fun playing is its own reward but you can facilitate this by doing something wow did. IE mythic keystones. or just something we can equip that will set the starting level of a mission to say 100, 200, 300 etc thats consumed immediately after 5 mins (to account for host issues) and now i have a reason to play! not needing to sit in mot for 90 minutes before getting something i can sink my teeth into. these aren't suggestions btw but examples of how massively this update fails to do what you obviously intended it for but if you want a serious suggestion hire someone that knows what they are doing to make these design choices.
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