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  1. Thanks for another update. I'll hold my final opinion on the rework until a month down the line of course. Gotto test it out to be sure! Every change has to be tested for personal preference. If you like it good on you! I'll just be my own judge!
  2. Let's keep the competitive leaderboards in the PvP side. And add some other elements to PvP then. I found multiple posts on Reddit with loads of upvotes and evidence that's it's the same clans and players exploiting different mechanics and events. I don't believe Reddit for everything but when they can show enough evidence it may be worth DE actually investigating. That's for them to decide. But I for one would rather not have anymore lame competitive crap added to a cooperative focused game for people to exploit. It only takes a few to ruin it for the many and we see it all the time in real life. Ps couldn't find a way to delete the quote box on mobile.
  3. I have seen the wolf once... Does not seem to spawn nearly enough. Yet for others they seem to get it every 3rd or 4th run they say. Not sure what's going on but only once since the start of the event sure makes me feel left out.
  4. I'm hoping I can just watch it with my twitch app and get the drop it's been a while and I'm still linked. Just a bit out of touch on that front and need to ducats.
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