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  1. So someone dies, and now we get a debuff so we can rez them, so they can die again? Setting up everyone else to fail, and making a mode that most people do not make to C rotation on anyways even harder, for those who are doing it. It sounds like a bad idea to me, and more than likely will end up being like it is now, unless you go solo, everyone else will only do one wave and bounce. if perma death is an issue just add revives without a convoluted system that brings down everyone else too. The main reason people do not like perma death though is host migration, and not because it makes it harder. Drones are my personal biggest issue but not because they are hard so much as they make bringing frames that use powers to damage, worthless, all that while there still being eximus leach units that can do a pretty good job already of hurting energy based frames, and no real obvious way of telling them from any other mob.
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