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  1. Spent 4 hours working Nightmare Granum Void missions, and did not get the Protea Systems Blueprint. That seems way off for a single mission type, that is supposed to be an 11% drop chance.. I have yet tried the other missions for the other parts but if they are as bad, not sure my friends will be willing to continue the farm.
  2. It is 50/50 on when using chat Warframe will crash. It is killing trade! I am good with one person, in the middle of a trade, get a whisper, and boom, both trades are screwed.
  3. Tree/Nature based Warframe Name Genetrix Ability 1: Tree that sprouts fruit aka Health orbs, and Energy orbs can not exist while roots are out. Ability 2: Roots that follow the frame that root all enemies Ability 3: Barkskin gives damage reduction Ability 4: Roots that grow around rooted enemies sprout blossoms that explode and deal damage based on energy color Did not feel that just sharing the theme would express the idea of the frame.
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