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  1. True, I feel like Rhino is so much easier to get than Nezha is and is a better tank. So at least buff his armor to be on par with or more than Rhino.
  2. His survivabilty seems to have went up a LOT with the new Invincibilty after the ring explodes, cause to me it looks to me like you can just recast it during that time.
  3. No, Nezha and Rhino are not the same warframe. Nezha has his benefits and detrements and so does Rhino. Giving one of them the same ability because the other one has it doesn't make any sense. Just because Loki has invisibility and Saryn does not, doesnt mean we should give Saryn invisibility to give her more survivability.
  4. I think his Warding Halo being hit also procced such arcanes
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