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  1. I love Conclave but it is undoubtedly the least favorite activities among the community on Warframe. I hope DE would rework Conclave and make it more engaging to the players base. Here are some of my suggestions: - Remove Bullet Jump from Conclave (players now risk their life to jump in a fight instead of escaping any time they want. Shotguns and flame throwers will no longer be dominant because other weapons will also be effective.) But keep wall climb, wall run and dodge so players can still choose from different play style. - Add some PvEvP objective modes aside from the pure PvP modes (Imagine a type of PvP invasion. When you load in, the game would either put you on Grineer or Corpus side and you would have to defense your side and attack the other side.) As to objectives, I'm thinking game modes like *Towers Defense* (a team have to protect towers or objective points and the other would have to push AI control Grineer or Corpus soldiers carrying bombs, like that guy that blow up conduits in Disruption mode but the attack team has to be around him for him to move), *War* (Grineer or Corpus soldiers spawn throught points on different sides in waves, you have to kill the other side faction soldiers for yours to move ahead and capture points, the first team to have their base, the final point on their side, overrun will lose the match or round. To balance factions and make it possible for a comeback, everytimes your team lost a point on your side, the next waves of soldiers your side spawns would have elite soldiers mix in, like instead of only lancers, there would be heavy gunners and bombards which make it harder for the enemies to push, recapturing lost zones would stop the spawning of elite soldiers and capturing enemies points would cause the next enemies waves to be more elite.). Please share your ideas for a Conclave rework or if you see any problems with my suggestions!
  2. Operators only Sorties... This is going to be one long night!
  3. You might have heard this already but I want to say thank you for this thread... thank you for taking the time to write out the code to help us... Thank you!
  4. There will be a weapon promo code when they launch Fortuna...
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