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  1. the title "KITA" (indonesia) mean "US" in english, I choose this title because my friend have a mental illness, to be specific "schizophrenia". he always tell me about the voice that haunt him and tell him to do something terrible and a couple month ago he attacks strangers, the victim safe only a couple scratches. he in the asylum now, before it happen he only treated in his house, because this is the first time he attacks someone. from that my story, the doppelganger like schizophrenia and Tenno like my friend, struggle with sanity to protect people around her/him from him/herself. what if he/she lost to the voice and massacre the universe, not only the enemy but people that care her/him. with that power nothing can stop them to massacre universe, to ruin the balance of the universe. im really excited about this event, because i can put a "mental illness awareness" to this poster so people can aware about mental illness, maybe people around us, our friend, our family, OR IN YOU! thanks and hope you like this poster. bye bye.
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