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  1. They arent going to which is sad. They said next update which will be in like 2 months. Smh. There primary concern is PC cause they are QA testers. They dont care about console players at all. Its why people keep leaving the game at a accelerated rate. On a side note how in the blue space marbels did this update pass cert with some of the bugs i have seen. Randomly kicking you out of a party, lag,etc.
  2. Lol so the fixed version with buffs and such from .07 will be in the next 2 months update. Bahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahaha.
  3. I prefer just using guns now with Gauss and i am only going to use heavy attack for Life Strike.
  4. Heck yeah to endless Redline. Gauss is amazing. If you build him right as long as Kinetic Plating is active you cant die with Gauss. I usually do ESO and i got to zone 9 with a team a couple of times and they couldnt do anything to my Gauss. I think for Mach Rush have it be when you use Mach Rush time slows down for all enemies except Gauss and allies, Kinetic Platic-Each time you take damage you get healed for 5 percent health, Thermal Sunder-You and allies within the cone gain increased crit chance, damage and healing, Redline-When you get Redline to 100 percent large bolts of lightning rain down from the sky seeking out enemies.
  5. My Gauss is hungry for his buff about time. I just want more primary and secondary beasts for my boy. Thank you DE thought you forgot about us.
  6. No we dont need any new Frames just fix the old Frames and the game itself.
  7. Lol. The game is going to shut down by 2021 the player base keeps declining. They clearly are having some type of problems why we really dont get updates for consoles often. The updates they do bring out are very lazy and it screams microtransactions. Love the game but the way they are running the game its doomed.
  8. Love those augments for Gauss mr. Hopper. Perfect. I wish those would be the ones that they use. I would lose my mind and go into the Gauss force 😁😁😁😁😁😁⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
  9. DE releases broken updates and keeps nerfing stuff to get rid of vets who wont spend as much money as a newbie. The game is a sinking ship and i think they know that hence why there is going to keep doing more monetization and to keep releasing broken content so people will leave and then they can get new players in who spend a lot of money.
  10. I cant wait to have those buffs on ps4. With that being said all those buffs do not go against the character. Hitting with a melee weapon is still moving.
  11. Gauss is great. After reading what everybody said i tried him out when we finally got the update on ps4. 1-Mach Rush for sure needs a buff and the damage with a max strength build should scale into late game but it is sure a fun ability. 2-Kinetic Plating is a awesome ability but i feel it shouldnt drain the battery but just be a duration ability and just give 100 percent damage reduction with a max strength build and 50 with no strength mods. 3-Kinetic Sunder is a good ability but it should be much stronger. 4-Redline is my favorite ability of his by far the buffs are awesome. I think the buffs should be much stronger though and the lightning bolts need to be way stronger and scale to late game. Overall a great balanced frame but he needs his 1, 3, 4 to be buffed and with max duration you shouldnt have to take forever to get to 100% Redline.
  12. I think they mean am lol. Danielle has been drinking too many energy drinks. 😂😂😂
  13. Thank you DE I am so hyped for Gauss. I am maining him with Baruuk and Wukong.
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