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  1. Thanks for the helpful hotfix. Another issue that needs fixing is the reactor missions in the veil. I had issues that there would be a lockdown, preventing entrance to the console to expose the reactor. I was given a message to hack a console to release the lockdown, but the only console visible was INSIDE the reactor room, leaving no way to undo the lockdown.
  2. Just one argon crystal from the drop? Not going to even bother with this Prime time.
  3. 200 Hexenon twitch drop? That's like getting a 2,500 credit reward during an endless mission on Sedna. Feels bad
  4. RIP Titts everywhere. Now Harambe will never get what he deserved.
  5. Yeah, but those poor MR 0 - 5 have to either get good or get lucky with a team that can carry. Not very fun for them since they're just running around trying not to die. It was a good challenge trying to keep that thing up and easy enough to kill the enemies, but lower players don't really get a challenge. They just get 15 minutes of trying not to die while everyone else does the work for them.
  6. I appreciate the new event. I just wish that we could have gotten the pumpkin juggernaut somehow. I love him. Also if the enemies could spawn faster or the lantern wouldn't go out so quickly, that would make this event a lot better. It was a pleasant surprise to get a new event, but the slow rate at which enemies spawn along with the fast decay of the lantern makes this very challenging unless you're with an organized group. Also, I am MR 27 so it doesn't affect me really, but the high levels of the enemies makes it rather inaccessible to newer players. Generally, events like these are supposed to be readily available for all. I do expect there to be more difficult content with better rewards for more experienced players, but I think special events shouldn't be like that.
  7. This is one of my favorite updates by far. Finally a reliable, easy way to get Axi relics. They used to be so difficult to acquire. Thank you so much for listening and making these changes! Now I can go from 30 Axi to 300 Axi, just like my Meso and Neo ❤️
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