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  1. An AMAZING JOB was done on jupiter and lua puzzles, and lua spy. can we have moar? :3 the clever ways to get by, so players stop and think and rack their brains on how to get by, how to use physics, time travel, gravity, momentum and more to get through a space! more destructable terrain too, but not too much so it lags the level out. maybe have ceiling grates that you can break that goes up, around a corner behind an enemy and allows you to stealth kill them? this sort of mission would be FANTASTIC teaching new players about stealth, and using your environment. guiding them around a level, showing them how to play. regardless of spy or not :3 .... enemies would be Great Interactive things as THROWING Objects too. why CANT we pick them up??? PS why is most frames' horns bigger than rhinos? he is a Rhino. Rhinos have big horns. he must be tired of nyx and Excalibur telling him theirs is bigger than his.
  2. Please Make This A Thing :'''3 i was making my floof fort in my orbiter and ran out of decoration space half way through, now it looks like a floof barricade. also this would be handy in dojos as well.
  3. i Traded For A Kuva Lich With An Ephemera... but in my arsenal with my other ephemera its not there. its the toxin ephemera too. the lich obviously has it, i bought it from another person who had it and they gave it to me, i can see the lich in my navigation too. also, even though its been converted, i see the red on a planet <saturn> and its not just a little bit, the entire planet was instantly covered. do i have to capture/convert it as they did, with same mods? or is this a bug? Please fix soon, i finally have the lich with it, but its not working XD
  4. doing this will make your operator act as if they have no amp <running, shooting, aiming> but the actually shots are those of an amp, just coming from the hand. so they dont stand still crouched with an amp and i dont have to equipt the codex scanner to undo that ;3
  5. can we have a way to go unarmed into battle? like you can disable all weapons, and you can use parazon and your warframe will act like last years halloween event, where they have grim fury stance mod applied to their own bodies. ... or parazon only mode allows us to actually hit opponents with it.
  6. after a while, the operator voices sound repetitive. why not let the voice actors have some fun, and have operators actually converse with the bosses in levels? also make some of these maybe only available in solo, or disabled in options. i know some players disable ordis/operator voices <why? i love them> so give them that freedom too? this is for players who want to hear more of their favorite kiddos, to roleplay or immerse themselves in the experience. this will take away from the SPEEDRUN LEVEL RUSH, to allow players a reason to slow down ;3 admire the level a bit. have the bosses react to what they say, or in levels the operator can give advice, or maybe in fortuna/orb vallis they can mention it is cold, or hum to the tune of we all lift together, or when health is low, the operator will say something like take cover, or when arch gun is equipped, they say a really bad ash phrase that raises the awesome meter 1000% or argue with bosses over something ridiculous, or ask the bosses a question<series of questions> and they talk. or if you stand in front of a point of interest the operator/ordis too maybe will talk about it. or in ship, operator and ordis will talk <you could add lore for the new war here! or have the operator walk around the ship admiring stuff, and making notes about it. and if you play shawzin, after doing a 5 clem song, maybe ordis/operator wil comment on your performance? <different lines depending on how you do.> or in cetus to onko, when you leave, they will say something about him. maybe while in lua with umbra and you are solo mode, the operator will ask umbra something, and then umbra will get his own little image as if he is communicating, and its "....." or just nothing. and the operator says something else. like apologizes for isah <?spelling?> and umbra just sighs heavily. or maybe have other players operators speak to you? have them even get into an argument about which boss is worse, and have ordis step in with something ridiculously funny like konzu is the worst. this way it seems like the other players arent just there to run by, but are actually on a team with you. i remember in tenno con the voice actor wanted to do more with nef anyo. and i say lets not NERF anyo and let him have what he wants? in orb vallis, if you are beating up corpus, nef will get really mad at you, and your operator will argue against him. or in archwing mode, if you fly through that tunnel without crashing in the corpus level <you know that tight one> the operator cheers. if anyone has more ideas, please post them too :3 and make these toggle so players who would rather rush or just play in peace dont hear this stuff. but this would give the voice actors a LOT of fun stuff to do. like for nightwave the operator can ask Nora who she is and she can reply, "Honey, There Are Those Of Us With Names, And Those Who Make Names For Themselves. When You Make Your Name Clear, You Will Know mine."
  7. when you grab a ledge as an operator, 90% of the time it will bug out to when you drop, fall and climb at a different height, fall and teleport to the ledge, grab and release the ledge, and so on. to those of us who are operator mains like me, please fix this XD it would make it much easier to go around levels and climb up heights our kid legs can just barely reach. <also please fix the host operator aiming veiw. it works for those not hosting/solo mode, but if you aim as operator and turn around your stay as a fixed animation of aiming forward. it ruins the immersive experiance.>
  8. when aiming as the operator for host/solo mode, instead of twisting the top half, the entire body rotates in a fixed appearance. also walking while aiming with have a walking forward animation regardless of which way you are walking. just a cinematic disturbance.
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