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  1. I was hoping that with this star days event, DE could get a look at some orbe vallis bounties bugs like, a mission where you have to retrieve the data from the console, first time is okay, but the next time if you have the get the data from the same spot again, you cant access the console, so you cant move foward to other steps of the mission, another is the tax man step, the first time is ok no problem, but when you do it again, it can be in any place or the same place you did this mission last time, those tax man wont spawn, if they spawn they wont drop the tax we need to boost the countdown
  2. I don't know if it happens with someone else but, everytime i pick a bountie to farm vault relics on fortuna i get to the part where i have to retrieve the data, first time, normal , but if i have to do it again at the same spot, i can't access the console, nor in operator mode, nothing works, this has been happening to me from a long time, if i wanna avoid this bug i gotta return to fortuna and get back to orbe vallis to reset, but if i access the console one time, in another time i have to do it again at the same spot, i doesn't work. Please DE fix it.
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