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  1. When attempting to place roller floofs in certain locations, namely, on the shelves in the personal quarters, the floof ignores collision of the objects and falls through the floor and out of the orbiter. There is no way (from what I have found) to re-obtain the floof because you cannot retrieve objects through the floor, you cannot manually remove it from a menu and because as soon as you load into the orbiter, the floof immediately falls through the floor and there is no way to go into decorate mode and grab it in time and make it to its spawn location.
  2. There is a cosmetic glitch involving the Sidereal Syandana in which when you attempt to change the energy/emissive color, nothing about the color changes and it stays as the default lime green but with a minor tint of the wanted color on the very insides of the actual effect. Works with all colors that I have tried. Even after resetting colors to default and changing to another syandana, the color will not change.
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