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  1. Success at all cost ? Not even close ! There's no such things in using the best things available... all costs involve cheating and ruining other people experience... And not even talking about sportsmanship that's silly ! If you don't want to play optimized don't try to join optimized groups... Min maxin doens't ruin anything for people not in their games... You're not making any single sense... They're not all doing their own thing... companies gives direction to their games... seriously what kind of nonsense is this? Elite players don't care about challenge ? You wouldn't see a truck if it were to hit you ! Seriously, "elite players" are looking for challenge ! There's something wrong with your vision of "elitism". Feel free to insult people looking for challenge by saying they only care about how funny it is people can't do it! You're really on something there! Maybe you should check about psychology before you make a fool of yourself on forums... just saying. And no you're wrong... trying to cater to everyone is one of the most stupid idea any developer could have! you can't please everyone EVER ! You don't make any sense either soooo... don't try to suggest what makes sense 🙂 Except it's not ?? It's a TPS with powers... and it's always been that... unless if you think fishing and mining were great additions to the game... That would be a sad thing but whatever at this point. You've no ideas about game design... Stop acting as if you do 😉 Kinda surprising how... they've didn't manage to get everyone on board... I like thoses grinding game and i hate Path of Exile... So by your own admission they failed really hard... or they've focus on their playerbase... That's what they should do. By the way it's not because they say something that they're right...
  2. I've a the bad feeling you've got the idea that hardcore gaming is just about RNG... it's not... if the gameplay isn't enjoyable it won't work. At this point Railjack isn't enjoyable for me. A good gameplay loop is what makes games good for hardcore gamers... Is Railjack a good gameplay loop? As far as I'm concerned no it isn't. Playing archwing with a bigger ship isn't revolutionary or anything... it's just a new style. And Archwing was one of the least enjoyed game mode in the game... Let that sink in... They made a new mode based on the least liked game mode they ever made... Well if we're talking about the borderlands 3... that game was so bad it's hilarious... every legendaries being world drops is so ridiculous there is no words to describe it. Would say this ridiculous cost to repair RNG based loot is boring... I'm not building anything because I feel i'll get something better eventually and won't have the ressource to build it! Nice design i guess... Well rivens were the cherry on the cake... You could do really well without them... Try doing something nice without a good Vidar Reactor... Well you can't 🙂 We're so reward oriented we fought back against these "umbra shards" implementation... because it was completely useless ! There's no point in wasting time for something that will never be farmed ever ! Rewards are nice but you kinda need them to be nice by themselves... Well i'm a founder so ... yeah i liked the game when it was it's own thing... You're connection with these games is so big you don't even consider something different is what we're looking for... Why playing Warframe if i can get a better experience in a game with a "much larger user bases"? That would be my question too... Ok I'll try to explain it to you 🙂 We didn't need the endgame equipment for Earth mission, your suggestion is a nice strawman here 🙂 You're totally free to experience the game at your own pace, there's no need to impose it to other players though... We're not complaining about having the maxed stuff available... We're complaining about the fact moding is lock behind a ridiculous reactor grind... Well... they do... WOW use this "warforged" thing ? I mean... if you've no idea about MMOs don't bring them in discussion... I share your opinion about RNG in warframe... As far as i'm concerned... i would rather get nothing than a downgrade... Downgrades feel awful, like hey you could have got something good but nooo you got something useless haha! I'm feeling trolled by developpers using that looting method ... Unless if there's something to do with those downgrades but that's not even the case... Dirrac are a fixed ressource anyway... ----- Never played the division so... ------ That's the problem right ? If there's only one good option why bother to create different low tiers one ?
  3. Not anymore Got one on the captain, can't say how rare it is... In fact, that's one of the points annoying me, besides the 2 weapons blueprint you get nothing out of it ... Feels extremely locked from the rest of the game... like archwing used to be ... At this point, considering that you need at least one Talent at 7 in order to do Veil mission... I would recommend throw everything until you get that point... after that 4 tactical is great (tp back to RJ from anywhere) and 5 gunnery is kinda good to get rid of crewships...
  4. Hey, I managed to figure out most of the stuff except weapons ! The whole set of different damage types differents "schools". Ennemy resistance to damage is unclear... Not feeling like spending 300 platinums or farming for a month to figure it out... so if you've got some data i'm interested 😉
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