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  1. Well, considering i'll be able to get my excalibur prime out again without feeling like i'm missing something is kinda cool. I'm constantly switching warframes depending on what I'm doing and it's clealy set to be used on a single warframe at a time... That's not such a great thing...
  2. that's why I said this about Annoth message. I'm 100% with you on this.
  3. The idea of this system is to provide a reward to get you back in missions. Right now you get everything and you don't get back there. It's a try for infinite rewards. Making it permanent would negate their intention here. Except it will use Modded weapons instead of unmodded weapons for specters. We've no ideas how costly it will be yet. That's the part that suprised me too somehow. I'm not really expecting a big success here. I'd be disappointed if DE abandon this idea to provide infinite rewards though. That's the good idea, I hope they would have started with something more useful, or fun, or anything else than this.
  4. 1. Well it's supposed to help you and distract ennemies, if it's 5 rooms away it won't do that. 2. You can do that, if you use your sword he will use gun and opposite is true too? I'm not really for adding other warframes effects to any warframe. 3. It's a panic button, you can escape a dangerous situation this way. The more you'll play it the less you'll bump into things :)
  5. Except, exploration is a terrible way to get ressources, syndicates marks are irrelevant to me (unless when nightwave show up), I get ayatan trough arbitrations. So yeah, nothing to get from exploration? Well i'm never complaining about missing ressources... Thanks for this strawman of my position. I enjoy doing survival because i'm rewarded for it. Exploration doens't reward me. What don't you understand here ? I do get why your head hurt so much if you think this way. If your main argument is Kuva is timegated, you can't go on efficiency to disprove me when I debunk your argument. The fact you're not enjoying something doesn't mean it's the case for everyone. Abstracting from your own experience might help your poor hurting head. I've been playing for a very long time, i've seen everything there's too see. So yeah i'm rushing through it, don't need your benediction to play the game the way i'm enjoying it. Except, I do care about what's the best or i couldn't rush trough it remember ? There's a point where, when you say something that can be turned back on you, it means you shouldn't say it. Why don't you go solo to have all the time to explore ?
  6. Well, we've got a battlepass thingie in the game? There' will alway be differences in a way a competitive game and a coop game rewards players. Bring a pve example if you want to be credible in the future. It's obvious "skill" should be reward in competitive environnment, versus AI it's about maintaining people playing the game, RNG is good here. That's why it's used in most pve games. (I'm expecting you to tell me "lol darksouls lol" so i'm saying most here). You can't compare videogames with jobs? What's next you're going to compare it to dolphins ? There's a massive number off jobs where most of the salary is made outside of the "guaranteed" salary, like servers in restaurants and such... Okay so let me go more in depht about dopamine. If you need to play all day to get a guaranteed rare reward in your daily mission. You'll get one shot. If however you do it with RNG, procing every 5minutes or less, you'll get shot each of those times. Anticipation of the potential rare rewards is what's making casinos addictive. Not gaining the reward. That's my point, i've been getting in depht on this subject for personal reasons so yeah. I'm sure about what i'm talking and i'm willing to affirm again you're the one being ignorant here. Like I said. If you made a complete in depht explanation on this post it would have been better. I'm not going to look somewhere else. It doesn't make any sense and proves you don't know how to make a good explanation of your systems. I don't care how you compare real world situations to Warframe. There's no correlations there. It doesn't prove playing solo is harder on Warframe right ? You gain mastery by doing the same thing over and over. That's my point. Why do you go on explaining what i keep saying. MR isn't skill. I've said it, no need to go on this forever. I'm sorry i don't understand you. You quote me so I expect you to answer my points. You're going on something completely different. No need to quote to go off subject. So i don't have the context about the complaints part. You've a loss of interest. The game keeps growing with RNG, every stat DE gives us proves it. You don't like the game and you're the want wanting to change it. Completely ignoring people like me who enjoy the game we have. Because we don't matter to you, you only care about yourself. There is a restriction though. You can't trade as much as you want there's a daily limit for that. Mentionning prime objects and going on "not eliminating the trade system" there's something missing. You're not mentionning what you're thinking here ? No ideas ?
  7. Cetus and Fortuna ... Well those are unique for sure. My point would be, access to open world used to be later. Now any player can go there, they've no MR, no good weapons and get crushed if they try anything over the first bounty. DE cattered to new players wanting access. It's not really good for them, they don't have what's required to enjoy open worlds (so many how do I get archwings and stuff from new players there...) It worked for me, i'm here daily. I would say it's working very well. If it wasn't working they would have tried something else. Activity ending is a regular problem in warframe won't deny it. At some point there's no points to get back and keep going. They talked about those umbra memory shards thingies yesterday. (Not sure it's going to work considering how it's implemented, but adding stuff to come back in previous content would be a good thing right ?) Let me keep going here, there's currently 2bosses locked behind this grind. Out of that, how long you take to level them up won't change much? When you talk about "difficulty" i'm always pointing out what happend to arbitration. DE backed up on challenge because there were too many "too hard/punishing complaints". They're core mentality (for good or bad) is accessibility for everyone. Can't imagine really challenging stuff with that (or there would be nerf making it way easier like arbitrations). And yes, Warframe is a reward driven game? What's the problem here ? Umbra shard thingies will extend these new missions rewards in a "infinite" way... I'm not against you but your experience doens't define how the entire player base reacts to those (thanks for not going on most players and such :). I wouldn't call you plebs, it's diminishing for no reason, it's obvious everyone can't play everyday, Somehow i'm completely for a way too make the game more enjoyable for those players. However if they finish everything in a day it would be really bad. There's a lot of complaint on the "lack" of content everywhere... Would get this even worse no? Caps will always be a tricky thing. It will be perfect for some, limiting for people playing everyday, limiting for people not playing everyday? I'd say it works to bring people back in the game or they would have changed it somehow? Might be wrong on this it's speculation from my part :) Nightwave is a time limited event. Can't really work the same as a permanent system. I don't think you "have to" be there everyday, i'm playing other games just fine, even when i've syndicates to level up. I do get you want it as fast as possible but it shouldn't limit your enjoyment of other games if you do that ? From what you're saying you feel it's mandatory to be there everyday, it's not. Won't get as fast sure but you'll get at the rythm you want and can deal with ? i Can do 196k Weekly, a level 5 syndicate cost 240K. Finishing content in 2 days is a really bad thing for the game. Of course for a MR 9 it would be 70K a week, taking him 4 days to do it. Still terrible in term of longevity. Like you said, those caps are there to artificially slow down our progress, there's a lot of complaints about how fast content get finished. Imagine if you could finish it in 2days...
  8. You're the one suggesting different rewards based on visual gore levels... There's no point to it if it can be deactivated making all you said worhtless?
  9. Well, those are very different cases. Disney could have afforded a flop of one film anyway. It's just a giant corporation, they can't fail unless they really want it. DE are independant without any publisher backing them up. They can't afford Warframe flopping. It might be sad for some but the current systems seems to work very well for them. That's why i've a hard time to figure out why they would change something? (By the way I prefer it that way, no lootboxes is a very good thing, laughed a lot when they talked about surprise mechanics on last dev stream :)
  10. You do realize it's always been an infinite energy game Since trinity, it's her thing and healing too (used to be invulnerability at a time xD)? There's the Zenurik area too... Nobody ever pick harrow for energy... Your suggestion won't change much!
  11. I've stated multiple time i'm myself a Titania main. I enjoy her a lot ;) Never been in a situation where i had nothing to do, except if i "wanted" it. Didn't touch nyx in a while so can't really say much there. Well, you can troll with speed or slow nova (in specific situations you can kill new players overruned or slowing everything). Vauban can troll with his verticulal propulsor thingies. Probably other stuff there too. That's why I'm saying challenge would probably not really work. Can't be sure about it. But this kinds of reception from the players is kinda blocking don't you think? Well, I can only speak about my experience on PC, i don't have to wait more than 30 seconds to get in a full public group in Hieracon. Kinda sad you've to wait this long on PS4 :/ Good luck for the clan thing.
  12. Except, your example is not a nuker. I can show you footage of Wukong to explain how nukers are bad. Would be out of subject like you. Point is you've nothing to talk about, because you have 0 arguments. Enjoy your borderlands Bye. There's no guarantee at all, you're ignorance is so blatant it's not even funny anymore. Learn to argue for the future when you'll want things change on borderlands :)
  13. Yeah so saying you're not liking endless is the thing you're not talking about. Never said you don't know about arbitration? Yeah acquiring prime parts was different, you used to have to use keys more than 4 years ago. That's the thing, Kuva flood are the best in time ratio yes, ignoring completely survival and pretending there's no options to farm kuva is what you said. You're very insulting when you claim i'm assuming stuff, i didn't, you're inability to express yourself clearly is your problem. You're not providing enough informations as mentioned before. You should figure out i'm not in your head! Funny you said nothing about the fact you don't want to adapt your gameplay to what's offered to you ?
  14. Or you can buy 365 of them and be fine for the year too :) It's just 16425000 credits to get that for the 3 ressources :)
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