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  1. Hi I come to show that the galvanized mods are a joke , barrel diffusion gives us 120% multishot in rifles and the galvanized version gives us 110% plus 30% when we kill and stack 4 times , You need to kill to have more multishot but the% of normal is almost the same and if my weapon kills with the normal diffusion I don't need more multishot because it will continue to kill , The same applies to the new arcana that require you to kill, so I want more damage when I'm already killing without needing that extra damage . All of this was introduced to help the primary and secondary schools to be more efficient, but if you study it well, it doesn't help much because carrying it or not in weapons that already kill does not make them better and weapons that do not kill do not benefit. The only thing we got from all this was a hard hit to the melee where it was very nerfed
  2. that you can only have this month and say one of the first to reach legends 1
  3. I would have liked a badge on my profile for having reached legend 1, we only have a gold nugget that looks very ugly
  4. Buenas existe algun ranking en el que se pueda ver por ejemplo cuantos rangos leyenda 1 hay etc , me gustaría saberlo la verdad . además creo que deberían haber dado algo mas distintivo por llegar a ese rango la pepita de oro se ve fea y chiquita
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