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  1. As one of the Tenno affected by this, getting the Ephemera but not Nekros Prime, and who was slightly annoyed by this, especially since I went through the same trouble last year with Ash Prime. The worst thing was not, not getting Nekros P (apparently yet), but getting a "out of the can" answer, that didn't even fit the problem. I understand that Customer support can't answer all tenno with a "handwriten" answer, when they have to deal with hundreds or thousends of problems a day. But at least, take a look at the problem before sending the Standart answer. Like many I did get the ephemera so you could clearly see that the Twitchaccount was properly linked and then I get an "Out of the can answer" telling me that my Twitchaccount propably wasn't linked correct and that Customer service can't do anything but "better luck nextime , here is how you link your account right!" Honestly that pissed me off way more than not getting Nekros P.
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