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  1. I think Steve has already mentioned something about a full week extension on twitter.
  2. Except A, you don't need to do every single challenge to still get all the rewards Except B, complete 5 Sorties last week was way worse for newbies Except C, 60 min Kuva survival was even worse still for newbies
  3. Even if the Stalker mode itself, eg ability to play as stalker and choosing missions to invade etc, is working as intended the Syndicate part might be more tricker in balancing. I.e. should there be an opt in? And if there's an opt in how should it work with other players? Do you need a completely new "squad" option besides solo/invite/squad? Should you only be allowed to invade full squads or should you be able to invade solo players as well? I imaging this is the balancing act that's delaying it the most. Also what should the syndicate rewards be? Should you have scaling rewards from invading a full squad compared to a solo player?
  4. Bite however is also a 3.67% drop chance from all 3 caches on Earth sabotage missions, which is why you should be grinding that instead of wild Kubrows.
  5. From a player point of view, no. From a developer point of view, yes. Because it inherently limits what sort of content you can make.
  6. You mean exactly like how it works now? Except at least with the change at least everyone would have access to the market data instead of just the horders who use private tracking bots (sometimes breaking ToS)?
  7. What's the fix needed? You know the skin itself needs to be crafted as well right?
  8. Have you modded his Exalted Fists properly? Because they need to be modded separately from everything else.
  9. First of all, Limbo has no business being along for a Profit Taker fight, at all. Secondly, I agree that getting some better consistency for the rift would be nice. Currently it seems to be environmental AoEs (like the ground being covered in lightning from the Kyta Rakdoid). Also the Jackal seems to ignore the rift/stasis while Limbo is on the host but not while joining, which seems unintentional. Other than that Limbo is great, if challenging to play well :)
  10. Just restart the client, you shouldn't have to re-download or anything.
  11. It's a known bug that's on their prio list for hotfixing from what I could tell from the official update thread.
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