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  1. The end of Second Dream certinaly hints at the operators being so deep under they actually thought they actually were the warframes themselves. Post War Within? Who knows, could be either, could be both, could be neither but something completely else entirely.
  2. So, the human body is a pretty amazing thing. When we go to sleep, especially during REM sleep, the body "blocks" alot of the signals from the brain to the muscles to basically keep us paralysed, but the signals and impulses fired off the the brain and still the exact same as if we were awake. Now the idea, as I've understood it, is that basically the body of the operator is completely relaxed (and/or basically paralysed) while those signals in the brain are still registered and "transfered" (get it?) to the second body while you are in the somatic link. (There's a reason we have a bunch of somatic implants all over our heads after all, and also why it's Transference is called a lucid dream.) Whether the relaxation of the original body is something achieved through technology or mentally is pretty unanswered.
  3. This has always been the case. Summoned Specters are hostile in nightmare missions.
  4. There's a companion app for your phone. You can craft almost everything in the game from that while you are out and about doing something else besides gaming. Especially since it's only a minute build time for 10 of them.
  5. > one of the first I didn't know 25th counted as among the first. He released after Equinox which just got her prime so that makes Atlas likely as the next prime in a couple of months. Also the Deluxe skin is WIP.
  6. A bunch of these we already know the answers to, so why bother repeating them week after week?
  7. I think Steve has already mentioned something about a full week extension on twitter.
  8. From a player point of view, no. From a developer point of view, yes. Because it inherently limits what sort of content you can make.
  9. You mean exactly like how it works now? Except at least with the change at least everyone would have access to the market data instead of just the horders who use private tracking bots (sometimes breaking ToS)?
  10. What's the fix needed? You know the skin itself needs to be crafted as well right?
  11. Just restart the client, you shouldn't have to re-download or anything.
  12. You only accepted it now?? Everyone has been saying it for weeks??
  13. In general I love Nightwave so far. Balance wise 100 eximus kills vs 60 min survival and/or Hydrolyst fight do not feel equal, yet 5k is what you get from all of them. I'm wondering if perhaps a 4th tier reward scale of "Nightmare challenge" might be more fitting for some of the real endurance challenges, especially since the Hydro cap/kill turned into a Tridolon run for most i'd wager (even if it wasn't technically a necessity) 🙂
  14. Did you watch the intro cinematic? Because that would explain pretty much everything you just asked?
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