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  1. Bumping the thread since the problems/bugs like cysts only starting to grow with specific mods from the set are still present. Some buffs would be great as well.
  2. The lightning darkens when you try to change colors of any of the operator color channels, then slowly brightens up over time. This didn't happen before the mainline. Before clicking color selection: As soon as you try to change any color:
  3. Mars is almost fine as it is the first Disruption new players encounter. Its a great early Neo relic farm for them, maybe even too good. It should reward some Lith relics in B rotation and some Meso in C rotation, to better match its position and level. Jupiter would be fine if it wasn't for useless amounts of Hexenon dropping there. Hexenon is better farmed in Survivals, and Jupiter Disruption is one of the harder ones due to presence of Amalgams units. No, this doesn't mean that players should be rewarded with more Hexenon, what we need is complete removal of it from the rotation C pool and redistributing its 28.44% chance between various Axi relics. Uranus is pure Neo relic farm, the weapons aren't super rare, you only need to do 20 rotations on average to get the weapon. Fine as it is, but I believe we could add a chance to drop something like 50 mutagen samples at around 5-10% chance on rotation C. Neptune needs to at the very least triple or quadruple the credit rewards. Average rotation C reward is 24.500 credits for a single rotation taking 4 minutes on average, but to get to rotation C, you need to get through minimum of 2 B rotations, each averaging out 12.500 credits. After 2 B rotations and 3 C rotations which will take you around 20 minutes you can expect a return of 98.500 credits. You can do one rotation of Medium Risk Index and come out with 135.000 extra credits, or 36.500 more credits then after 5 rotations of Neptune Disruption. Lua and Sedna Disruptions have the highest enemy level. Sedna has diluted relic drop due to Gauss parts found as rotation rewards. Lua is fine as it is, although it could use a few Terra units from Vallis to spice things up and slightly increase its difficulty. Both Sedna and Lua should grant a 50/50 chance of Neo/Axi relics. With only Neo relics as rewards, Disruption lobbies are going to be completely empty in 2 weeks time. No comment on Kuva Fortress since I haven't tried it. Please DE, your team has worked hard to make a great update, don't let your team and players down by giving us bad rewards like this.
  4. If you one shot an enemy it won't work. You have to apply status before you kill the enemy. That being said, finding the mark outside Simulacrum can be very challenging.
  5. I done a bit of testing with it. It's quite buggy and totally not worth it, especially for Nidus players. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1049854-strain-mod-set-a-major-bug-and-feedback/
  6. Not even the melee mod is worth it since on average even with 4 mods form the set you are getting less crit damage then Organ Shatter.
  7. As in the title, the invisibility granted by the Stalk precept of the pet will always default to teal/blue color, no matter what actual energy color of the Kubrow is. This is true for both the pet and the warframe. However, when the warframe is granting invisibility (Loki, Ivara etc), both the warframe and the Kubrow respect their appropriate energy colors.
  8. 1. In atmospheric mode, it doesn't respect its energy colors and always defaults to teal/blueish hue. None of the particle effects can be colored. 2. When invisible, the Velocitus model disappears.
  9. Sorry for late reply, yes I do use Kavasa Prime, which I didn't realize affected armour. In which case it is working as intended, 100% increase adding 50 armor, but that only means that the base value is simply tragically low. Sure 10% extra base Crit might not be a lot, but since I was basing my suggestions on existing mods, it adds up to a lot once you slot in a Bite mod.
  10. Kubrows currently lack damage, durability and utility when compared to Kavats or Sentinels. They are also unbalanced in their own niche. I'd like to discuss each of the points separately, and offer potential solutions, or at the very least, spark up a discussion and bring this matter to DE's attention. Damage: While it is true that they have better dps than Kavats, they are both far behind Sentinels when it comes to dishing out the damage. In theory, you could equip Maul, Hunter Synergy, Magus Overdrive, Bite and maybe new 60/60 mods to outperform Sweeper Prime or Deconstructor, but in reality your Kubrow will sacrifice either all of its utility or all of its defenses. There simply isn't enough room to have necessary mods like Fetch, Link Health, Link Armor, (Primed) Animal Instinct, 1-2 breed specific mods, Pack Leader/Medi-Pet Kit as well as damage mods. Not to mention, almost nobody uses the new 60/60 mods because 1: there is no room for them, 2: pets have such low base status chance that equipping them is pointless. Having 3x 60/60 mods on your Kubrow will increase its status chance from 5% to... 14%. The status% also doesn't stack with extra status chance from Mecha Overdrive. How to fix it: - Increase Kubrow base status chance to 10%. - Change dual stat mods from 60% elemental damage / 60% status (60/60) to 60% damage / 180% status (60/180). Having unusually large bonuses for companion mods isn't unreasonable and is not new, as evidenced by Bite mod increasing CC and CD by 330%/220%. This would allow a Kubrow with 2 such mods to reach 46% status chance if base status was increased to 10%. I believe this is a better solution than simply increasing base status to for example 20-25%, since it would allow better progression for the players (dual stat beast mods are difficult to farm for the new players, so it would prevent Kubrows from being OP early). - Give beast companions their own moddable "weapon". - Add 90% pure elemental damage mods for beasts. - Add beast-only attack speed mod. This would allow our pets more flexibility with their loadouts, allowing some people to finally be able to fit Maul or that rare Bite on their cat/dog. Durability: While they have rather impressive defensive stats unmodded, with Link-X type mods this advantage over Kavats is somewhat lost. Both cats and dogs are more durable than sentinels, however, Kubrows are at a disadvantage when compared to Kavats, which have access to Tek Assault (can save from death and give temporary immunity) and their specific damage avoidance precepts, Reflect and Mischief. One could also argue, that a Sentinel without its attack precept is tankier, since they aren't targeted by the enemies. - Increase base armor of Kubrows to 250. Currently, base armor of a Kubrow is 50, with hidden multiplier increasing it to 150. This is best seen with 100% Metal Fiber, which increases the armour value from 150 to 200. Increasing base armor value and getting rid of this hidden multiplier would dramatically increase Kubrow survivability, and possibly allow less tanky frames to bring along a Kubrow that can reach 525 armor with rank 10 Metal Fiber. For those who say 525 is a lot, no it isn't, and ranking up the mod is expensive - having it provide only 50 armor is insulting. Utility/Breeds: Kavats for example gain access to: Pounce (stun), Sharpened Claws (armor strip), Swipe (effectively multishot). Their special precepts like Charm or Cat's Eye are both useful and powerful. While some Sentinels could also use a rework, there are some very powerful/useful options. Helios + Investigator is invaluable whenever new content drops or you're looking for Codex entries. Carrier + Ammo Case is the only sane option to run some less ammo efficient weapons for longer then 10 minutes. Wyrm + Negate has some niche uses. Djin + Reawaken/Thumper is the go to for long Arbitrations or endurance runs in general. Dethcube + Energy Generator is yet another great combo. Kubrows, as a whole, are pretty underwhelming. Raksa: It's supposed to paralyze its enemies with its howl, but in practice nobody likes them. They are a massive annoyance in modes like Survivals and especially in Defense missions, because having enemies run away from you is not a great thing in a game where killing enemies is the goal. Unless you are playing a nuke frame, having a Raksa on a Defense mission can double or triple the time it takes to clear each wave. Their shield generators are laughable at best, especially because of the poor state of the shields. - Instead of running away, Howl should only slow down enemies. Reduce range from 24m at max level to 20m, reduce duration from 16s to 7s, but also reduce the cooldown from whooping 60s to 15s. This will stop Raksas being as annoying in those game modes, but make them better overall at crowd controlling enemies. - Change Protect precept from flat ~300 Shield restoration, to restoring of up to 100% of maximum shields to both player and the Kubrow on a 8s cooldown at max rank. If player/Kubrow has full shields, it provides 300 overshields. This can be useful on any frame that either relies more on shields (Hildryn), or can make shields better thanks to damage reduction abilities inherent to the frame (Gara, Mesa etc.). Chesa: Chesa was pretty bad before the rework, and after changing how the looting abilities stack, it is bad after the rework. - Neutralize should have a 5m radius at max rank, disarming multiple enemies. This would greatly enhance defensive ability. - Reduce cooldown of Retrieve to 7s at max rank, down from 10s. If a successful roll from body/container is credits, add half the amount of Endo to the drop. Reducing cooldown would make Chesa more reliable, as looting a single corpse/container is not as useful, especially since we are killing dozens of enemies in 5s period. Having Chesa loot extra Endo for the player would certainly make it more attractive. Sunika: Arguably has the weirdest, most game-mode specific precept out there. Sunika is supposed to be ferocious, but unless you play Capture missions, you won't really see it. - Instead of working only on Capture targets, Unleashed should instead be what Savagery is. It should allow dealing finisher damage, and target most dangerous units, based on similar order picking as Nekros's Shadows for simplicity. It would mean that Eximus Units, Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Nullifiers etc would be picked as priority targets. - Since Unleashed now would do what Savagery does, Savagery should simply be a Critical Chance/Status Chance mod specific to Sunika. For example, +10% base CC, +10% base status chance at max rank. Note these are base increases, not modded. Sahasa: Honestly isn't as bad, but not great either. - Dig could use small numeric buff of reduced cooldown, from +270% to +350%. Since Kubrow can only dig out of combat, it is not as powerful in game as it seems on paper. - Replace Ferocity with a precept similar to Kavat's Sense Danger. However, to make it actually usable, let it show enemies through walls, have much shorter cooldown. This would fit with the reconnaissance theme of this breed. Huras: Also not bad, but not great either. - Stalk is almost fine, but there are some issues with its activation/sustain. Also, can we have Kubrow's energy color being used for cloak instead of default teal? - Hunt could instead open enemies to finishers when attacked by Huras, regardless of their alert status. Helminth: I don't have any specific changes in relation to the Helminth, as the best way of making it usable is through buggy mess that is Strain mod set. More in-depth analysis here:
  11. Can confirm, hope its fixed soon. Its the last fragment I need.
  12. What am I making up, exactly? Instead of criticising me personally you could criticise my suggestions/arguments instead. Again, it's not about what issues you think I am or am not experiencing. She is not going to be replaced as a starter with Rhino, therefore, she needs to be equally good in the early game (meaning without augments) as other starters. Currently, she is not. In fact, the reason people rush Rhino so hard is because frames like Mag are currently so horrible in comparison. Mag needs more input to get same output as top tier frames. This is a fact. If she was top tier, then even if her learning curve was tedious, people would still play her regardless, because that's what being top tier means. If something is top tier/best, everyone wants to learn it/play it. You are saying that Mag doesn't deserve any buffs because she's already great. It almost sounds as if some Vauban main said, no he doesn't need buffs, so DE, please don't touch him. Fortunately Mag isn't such low tier, she is slightly above average, she doesn't need a full rework, but, she could use some buffs. My point is that she requires more effort in terms of modding/arcanes/skill to get the same value out of her compared to other starter frames. That doesn't mean that she has to be turned into a lazy press-4-to-win frame, and I don't think my suggestions would turn her into such. She should be more rewarding when invested in, but also easier to start off with. I would like to bring down her entry barrier, without bringing down the skill ceiling, and these buffs/QoL are my ideas of how to achieve it.
  13. That is also a good suggestion as it wouldn't mess with Magnetize. Kind of like Garuda's Dread Mirror.
  14. You've are completely missing the point. I'm not personally complaining because I can't play the frame, die to sortie level enemies or because I can't last 60+ minutes of Arbitration. This isn't my personal complaint. Please don't tell me to "git gud" because I don't really have to. I'm talking from a perspective of an average player or a new player (Mag is a starter frame after all), who doesn't want to commit more then 15%+ of playtime into single frame. There is a reason why Mag is not making S or even an A on tier lists. For an average player, she requires far too much commitment and work to be on par with the typical brain dead frames. Yes she can be a monster in the right hands. That is beside the point. The amount of time/knowledge/skill it takes for an average player Is too high for the overall payout. Adding a bit of QoL and slightly improving energy economy / give her additional shield bonuses would be great to make Mag more approachable without making her OP. Being a starter frame, people who choose her shouldn't learn from other players that building Rhino is their priority because Mag is a terrible. I was comparing Mag to Oberon because it was you who brought up the point of her filling the niche of armour stripping. Oberon does it better at very high levels where 2 casts of his 4 can strip all of it, while Mag will require multiple casts of Polarize+Fracturing Crush due to 80% cap. And yes if you go into endurance run and recruit people, you'll be better off having 4x CP instead of going out of your way to recruit a Mag. You don't need to strip any armour For 99% of the content. When you really need to strip it, 4xCP, Oberon or Frost is better since they don't have a cap. You also can't use an argument that she's good vs elite/bosses. Wolf, Orb Mothers, Ropalolyst, all recent content is ability immune, only recent exception being Demolysts. This is what I'm talking about when saying that Mag doesn't fill any niche. That also doesn't mean that Mag sucks. She excels at camping in a corridor in a long Survival. But the game has far more to offer then holding a position, which is why I suggested other changes like faster spread of Polarize or manual detonation of Magnetize without an augment..
  15. I'm sorry but I don't agree with your sentiment. She's not top tier. I love my Mag, but I am being realistic. I can survive better and kill more if I play Saryn or Octavia, for example. There are other frames that can also strip armour, like Oberon, who also heals/prevents death, or you can simply use 4x Corrosive Projection. That is the meta, I've never seen anyone trying to recruit Mag for higher level content. She is great vs some bosses and single target, but several bosses are ability immune or require targetting specific hitspots like Eidolons, Lephantis or Ropalolyst. Without Arcane Guardian r2-3, Synth mod + Health conversion or Adaptation she is super squishy. Being a caster, she doesn't even have good Energy Pool or low energy costs to pull off Quick Thinking Build reliably. Saying that one can learn better parkour/bubble positioning/get better etc. is not an argument at all. You could say the same about Inaros or Nidus - "hey, get better at parkour/git gud, don't put any health or armour mods on these frames". Truth is, if someone can take their gampeplay skill that allows them to comfortably survive as Mag to levels 80-100 or so, then they can probably take a more meta frame like Saryn/Khora/Excalibro and easily survive at levels 150-200. Her being squish is one of the primary reasons why she isn't being used. She has much potential, but much steeper learning curve and is much less forgiving. Let's be real, DE is not going to replace Mag as a starter, especially after including her in the newest cinematic trailer. And giving new players Rhino as a starter would bore them and teach them bad habits since they would be indestructible for majority of the starchart, while any new frame would be a disappointment in terms of survivability. Mag needs some slight buffs here and there to be more relevant. I don't think giving her extra buffs like 50 base Shields/25 Energy or some extra QoL would break her to the point of being OP like Mesa, Octavia or Saryn. Thank you for your feedback anyway 🙂
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