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  1. No, you are right. I was under the impression that Rifle mod is a Primary mod instead. I was hopping for some new ways of modding few shotguns. As it stands, I don't see any decent weapon in either Rifle or Secondary category where they would be worth slotting and building around. Implicit in that was that being a "mastery fodder" it is not enough for it to not be a waste of time. That at least should have been obvious from the context. I hope this cheap and irrelevant "gotcha" has made your day, but realize that there practically are no rewards worthy of mention in the newest update,
  2. But what would be a point of getting an exclusive "Braton Mk-2" which had 1 extra bullet in the magazine, even if it was exclusive? Are you guys really satisfied with these kind of "rewards"? For completion sake? If there was an exclusive 1x1 green pixel decoration for the Orbiter, would you be satisfied and excited to play a new game mode if 4 component parts were clogging the reward table? Seriously?
  3. It has mostly same stats as regular Penta, with just slightly higher fire rate and magazine size, which would be nice... if Secura Penta didn't exist. Secura also has higher magazine size than regular Penta, but to top it, it has a syndicate proc, good crit chance, good status chance. It is actually a decent weapon. Why introduce a weapon that for most is going to be a side-grade or a down-grade? If anyone wants to experience Penta gameplay, the regular blueprint requires cheap and low level resources to build and is available from the market, directly. I don't see anyone being excited ab
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