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  1. I have been re-testing the mod set again, and looks like the issue of only Strain Fever starting the cyst-growing cycle has been fixed. That being said, other bugs/balance problems persist.
  2. Jokes on you, it never launched. But seriously, maybe this needs a reddit thread to highlight it or something.
  3. Bumping the thread since the problems/bugs like cysts only starting to grow with specific mods from the set are still present. Some buffs would be great as well.
  4. 5 months later, we're still waiting. Apart from breeding the biggest Charger I could and taking a few pics with my "horse", I haven't used the set at all. I was really hyped when I first seen it on a devstream. Wasted potential.
  5. Same. My guess is that people use it without knowing what it actually does or how much it actually contributes to kill speed/etc., so DE sees the mod as being represented to some degree and based on usage decides not to change anything. Personally, I kind of given up on the mod set.
  6. Please don't let this thread get buried, some of the bugs need addressing even if suggestions for changes to the mods are ignored.
  7. Let's talk about a new mod set for our Helminth Chargers out there: the Strain mod set. I've been testing it recently both in Simulacrum and in real time gameplay, and to be honest, there are some big issues with it. Let me start off by listing the first but most important bug: 1. Out of 4 Strain mods, only Strain Fever actually allows the Helminth to grow cysts. This is a pretty big bug that should be fixed as soon as possible. In my hours of testing different mod combinations, I found out that only Strain Fever starts the cyst growing sequence. 2. Strain Infection bonus can be
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