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  1. I don't want to tunnel vision into a dmg buff, so I'll go for cold elemental ward instead of paralysis. Also, I actually use ripline quite often. Because of lag, operator transfer in/out can ruin a swift dash, so I tend to use ripline. It is still useful to bring other player who doesn't want to extract into the extract zone.
  2. Holy! Love this dev workshop so far. Personnaly, Elemental ward on Valkyr get's me really excited. I do feel, however, that with roar and eclipse in the lot, those abilities are pressuring my personnal preference of build creativity over a must have / perfectionnist dilemma of getting roar/eclipse in every build. As if those abilities would be the serration/splitchamber of every warframe build. But damn, I can't wait to try these out. Thanks De!!!
  3. I like this idea. Freeing a mod slot in the process, but only limited to one ``cubed`` augment.
  4. Nice name account btw! *sarcasm*
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