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  1. Hey guys! I found something really neat the other day and I feel like I should be sharing it with you. Motus setup requires to make a bullet jump or a double jump to activate the buff. HOWERVER, when you use Nezha's first ability fire walker you can bypass the double jump/bullet jump requirement. Strangely, the little hop he makes when using fire walker is sufficient to activate the motus buff. Quite nice, isn't it?! =D Alright, enjoy and thank you! (and sorry for those who knew already).
  2. You could at least try to find a tutorial on youtube or something instead of wasting your day on this...
  3. The easiest method i found was using a kitgun with pax seeker, go int o the void and find a mass of corrupted enemies. The missile from pax seeker aims for headshot. So you jump, aim glide and shoot your first shot, get a headshot and keep the aim glide until the missiles from pax seeker does their magic.
  4. Thank you very much ❤️ a glaive / gun lover
  5. Opticor Vandal with 800 base dmg. plz pretty plz.
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