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  1. Your theory is pretty good. It could be taking the projectile too long to get to where it needs to be, and hitscan may be the only way to hit that spot during that particular animation. Also thanks to @RealHoneyBadger for a more informative reply than I left. Rubico is preferred because of this reason, but Lanka is still popular because it can hit so hard. If you're not running 5x3's or trying for a 6x3, a Lanka is perfectly serviceable and the inability to break the water-limb won't be that big of a deal. I am a little cranky that I didn't know this about the Lanka until after I forma'd mine out, spent kuva on the riven, etc. but maybe DE can fix it soon so that all snipers can hit it. Hopefully then, the only reason to use one over the other would be personal preference.
  2. You said not to tell you, so I won't. But how else do you think it is known that the Lanka is broken in that manner? I hope you're already building that shrine. Make it pretty. There are some excellent Eidolon hunters out there 😉
  3. Yes, please fix this as soon as possible.
  4. How old is that screen shot? The text about the ducats was supposedly fixed yesterday or the day before. If it's still showing up for you then report it as a bug.
  5. Rebb posted in the patch notes for today's hot fix that they are looking into the problem. Edit: sorry, it was in the other thread:
  6. It's also possible that it's research that was completed during a certain time frame rather than a certain item. The first batch of us could have just coincidentally been researching the Komorex. From what it looks like, it's only been happening within the last day or so, so maybe since the last patch?
  7. Lunar Sentinel reporting in with the same bug. Komorex research completed at 00:20 this morning and we're now 25k away from rank 10 instead of the expected 2k.
  8. I think it's because the buff amount and duration are calculated at time of mote pickup. So if Wisp has just picked up an orb, it will take her energy conversion into account when giving that mote. They just need to change it to calculate upon ability activation instead.
  9. An opinion, by its very nature, can be neither right nor wrong. And no need for name calling.
  10. Ah.. from your description, it sounded like you didn't know that you could switch right back to your previous gun and you thought you had to do it manually (which would, indeed, be quite annoying and it sounds like controllers have that specific issue right now). But just wanting the old one back is not something I can help with 😉
  11. For completeness' sake, that setting does let you continue to melee by pressing the fire button (default: left mouse button). It will do this until you manually switch back to your primary/secondary. What part is missing? The quick swap is even faster than it used to be, so is it that it was a simple smash without full combos that you're wanting?
  12. With the new changes, on kb/m channel is a toggle (middle mouse button). So I'm betting they changed controllers around as well. What is your new aim and fire button? Try those.
  13. Ok, just tested. I'm not sure how things are laid out keyboard > controller, but with the keyboard and mouse, after pressing E to quick melee you just aim OR just fire, and your gun is back in your hand. Press quick melee again and you can continue your melee combo or otherwise continue to hit whatever you were smacking. There's also a new setting for if you want to use your fire button to continue your melee rather than have it switch back to your gun - not 100% sure which one it is but it may be "Melee with Fire Weapon Input" (under Controls). See if turning that off helps. If your quick melee and fire button are the same this might be a problem, or the issues with controllers right now. But hopefully the above helps. Try just firing (or aiming) if melee & fire keys are different.
  14. Just aim (right click) and it will auto-re-equip your gun after quick melee. Edit: I think this answer is incomplete, give me a sec to test something.
  15. They each dropped a mod in 1 spy mission (2 uncommon, 1 rare). The other times they dropped nothing. There was also some confusion on who was supposed to get the standing, because I only got standing on ones I actively did the capture on but my son got standing from all 6 (this was during the Kuva Survival) even though he was across the map. The funny part of it was I didn't even realize they were there on that first mission until after I torched a small room full of enemies and there were suddenly 3 on the floor acting like capture targets. The other times they showed up, they were a lot harder to kill.
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