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  1. hello, i have noticed that the true punishment mod is not improving the critical chance in mele weapons stat, but it is affecting the channeling cost correctly, here the screenshots
  2. what about the Vauban rework ?, the urgent need of relics % of droping invprovement ( its realy anoing, that you make a radiant one, and stll get the no refined prize..., its like nothing changed ), the next unvault primes and wepps, are you gonna give better prizes with the arbiters of hexis? what about new hints, or teasers about the new war are you gonna release new WF via making quest like limbo, or harrow ? are you gonna improve the droping % of the harrow/ nidus/ atlas etc parts?, its a pain in the ... rear searching for them, and always geting repeated parts the mods Transmute is not worth the use, its dissapointig using rare mods for making new mods, it should be improved are you aware of that? it should be an easy way to speak with friends, like clanmates chat list... are you gonna release cosmetics for tennos and WF with better states? or at least a way to fuse some mods, with the cosmetics owned, so we can improve our cosmetics
  3. lots of stuff dont appears in the app, the prime bluprint owned, the primary/secundary/mele weapon player status, the forma count in warframe/primary/secundary/mele the Nightwave missions and info, etc
  4. does support helps?.... every time the game crashes it sends notifications... but never recieve a feedback... missing the Dx9 days
  5. the game still crashes, now it crashes with other players... so whatever
  6. nop, ATI Radeon HD 3400 Dx10 still crashing geting into the relay, the index, etc etc... bad choice dumping Dx9
  7. i have a ATI RADEON HD 3450 512RAM, and my pc has Win10 64bits with DX12, and the launcher dont recognize DX11 ( can´t be selected ) nor DX12 (does not shows), with DX10 has visual crashes, already make the last actualization with my drivers, and the Dx... and still crashes... https://prnt.sc/m57nya
  8. the leader of the dojo im in and the "elders" of the clan, got between 1 month and 3 month whithout login... so...
  9. what about directx 10,11.3 and 12 issues? if i play without selecting directx 10 or 11, in a Windows 10 OS, the game loads with visual issues, if i play it selecting directx 10 ( the Dx11 option is not elegible), the visual of the game crashes... here are examples... https://screenshot.net/y15gkag https://screenshot.net/e5r4mfo
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