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  1. I think what he means is more like a base, that we can enhance, make more powerfull, build or own rooms etc (Ok, yes, thats sound like the Dojo). But in more of like a strategy game way, and not a social gathering place. Sounds cool in concept, but the game has other prioritys right now. What would be cool, is, if every every syndicate had their own base, instead of only the Steel Meridian, and then there could be some Gameplay mechanics tied to that to give syndicates an actual meaning in the game. But the more I think about it, the less reasonable sounds the idea of a player base, since we a
  2. Or, they could just give us further acces to the orbiter This is the whole Orbiter according to the Cephalon Fragments. The Red circle is the thing we see in the Loading screens. What we commonly refer to as the "orbiter" is more of a landing craft, instead of the orbiter itself
  3. There is no reason for that "mechanic". I don't want to wait a week for the item I want after I already spent hours farming the stuff to buy said thing.
  4. Overall I really like the system, but I have two big critiscisms. First: Grandmothers prizes are way too high. 6 Son tokens for a single Lamp. When I saw thoose lamps I knew I want them all across my Orbiter. I would need alteast 20 for that. And I really don't think conservation has that long term motivation. It's fun for 1-3 Runs, after that it's just tedious. Second: Grandmother again, why are here offerings timed exclusive? That makes no sense, just make it gated by Standing and let it be. I dont want to grind for something just to know I can't buy it because I missed a Timer.
  5. (Sry, if my english is a little rough, it's not my native language) The Warframe market system, I will be honest with you, I really don't like it. It's my currently biggest critiscism on Warframe. You either have an overloaded chat where everyone is fighting for attention or you have Warfrmame market, where you either have to contact people and hope they are not AFK, or get contacted by people while you are in a match and can't fokus on the actual mission anymore because platinum is waiting. (Also having your broken Trade system "fixed" by a third party website ist not exactly good Gamed
  6. Simple: I want my operator to have a Black/dark smoking body Ephemera. But I also want my Energy colors for the Armor to be Orange. Problem is, they both use the primary Energy color slot. So I either have a orange smoking body Epemera or my Armor has black energy Color. Why not seperate the too? Also, I originally wanted to use the Tenebrous Ephemera, but it has a bug, that if you dont use a Operatore face mask, it has problem to apply to the face modell and makes the nose really big. The Tenebrous Ephemera also has another bug where when you deequip it some of the Ephemeras effect are still
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