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  1. pretty good hotfix DE... though it seems like there something mis- YOU FORGOT TO CHANGE THE PROBOSCIS MOD! currently the mod is like this: Proboscis: 15m range, 25 damage (base stats) 30m range, 100 damage (rank 5) seems all fine and good until you actually go to upgrade this poor mod, because upon fusing it to rank 3 it has the stats of 30m range, 100 damage. once the mod is rank 3, upgrading it further does not increase its stats at all, costs endo and credits (which likely many players have spent. total cost upgrading from 3 to 5 being: 720 endo, and 34,776 credits.), and to top it off, it drains more capacity from the helminth charger when upgraded. either the mod needs to have stats increase more after rank 3, or the mod be changed to only have three ranks to upgrade it to. this is a change that needs to be made. (also on a side note: im trying to recreate a glitch i found with mod sets. i havent found how yet, but the mod sets had stacked all the way to their max rank stats they have when the full set is equipped, while only 2 mods of the entire set were on the frame. i'd like to suggest looking into finding and fixing this before people start figuring out how to do it. ill report the bug once i can find what seemed to trigger it happening)
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