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  1. Thank you for telling me this, I didn't actually know if it would work since to me The Void enemies would just know you were there after finding out though I have a feeling that if I try the riven challenge there it will somehow fail.
  2. This Nightwave challenge/riven challenge is a random experience that in the end doesn't feel worth what you get at the end I have completed this challenge twice...through luck. I don't it's hard to tell when you've been detected since if one enemy sees you kill another could cost you it. and in the end what do you get? 7,000 standing or in the case of rivens, random mod that could be terrible and you just worked your butt off to get (it's more annoying when you equipped a dragon key as well) But I believe it should not be removed but reworked slightly Have being detected depend on if the alarms have gone off This would make the entire experience better and less annoying, since you just need to be sure the alarms aren't activated whilst killing them corpus or grineer.
  3. Clan Name: Voidwalkers of Pleonexia (Clan of TakumaNuva) Platform: Personal Computer (PC) Created & Recorded by: Whaddon A total of 25 "Grinner Eggs" are located on this enclosed, dangerous, one-life course, took me several times to do a full run, but it was enjoyable to make, especially the hiding of a few of the "eggs"
  4. Just wanting to know if there shall be a limit on eggs you can place on the course?
  5. This is the appearance of my operator at the moment (the purple highlights are temporary) and another pic with the first Warframe I wanted (though not my first built one due to me not being good enough at the planes back then) Gara
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