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  1. Maybe, my english is not good at all and i now don't understand what are you talking about :/
  2. Then it's not an exploit, because this weapon, as people above said, was always triggering headshots.
  3. Exploit? How? Are you talking about Harrow? Because i did see a post about how some abused Arca Plasmor by using it with Harrow. I personally never used Arca Plasmor with Harrow, so i don't really know what to feel, sadness or happiness?
  4. I don't remember it being overpowered because I used it before all the nerfs (and only now i'm making a post about this, yeah...). So, i don't understand why they completely removed headshots from Arca Plasmor.
  5. yeah, sorry... Arca Plasmor was my favourite weapon :c
  6. Why did DE removed headshot multiplier of Arca Plasmor??? That's so stupid...
  7. This would be awesome. I don't like the idea that i have to make an entire new build on my melee weapon to properly use Landslide and Whipclaw, so change of that would be very awesome.
  8. Just let us have: Minigun (real one, but changed a little, to fit Warframe), a proper Chainsaw (not this round s**t that Ghouls have) and a... Railgun? Yeah, Railgun.
  9. I think Atlas's first ability really needs a separate slot in arsenal in which you could add mods to upgrade it.
  10. Please, help this poor, poor guy called "Impact".
  11. Seriously, when you will finally make a quest about Arbiters of Hexis? That's unfair y'know.
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