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  1. Getting one shot during the cutscene on the centre platform after crashing the ropalolyst into the pylon, the entire squad can be wiped during this. Host migration when someone is crashing the ropalolyst into the pylon will result in it getting stuck and unable to progress the fight.
  2. Did a fissure mission and no fissures opened so we couldn't crack open the relic. It happened on the void sabotage mission.
  3. I was helping some new players farm Vay Hek and encountered a bug where you are unable to move or do anything, typing unstuck does nothing as well seeing as you're in the spawn there are no enemies so you can't die to reset. At first it happened to me and I was forced to quit out, the second time it happened to almost everyone. I think it has something to do with skipping the cut scene when either the ships are coming in or vay heks appearance at the spawn, as it didn't happen when we didn't skip the cut scene.
  4. It kind of baffles me that they are doing this as it goes against what they were saying for the reason behind the itzal nerf discussion for adding variety to the game so that it just isn't one frame/archwing that is chosen. Basically no reason now to run anything but nekros in farming groups. In regards to the hema research if they are going down this path they have to reduce the requirements to be fair to newer clans that haven't gotten it done yet.
  5. Overall I was really looking forward to the update coming to console and then I saw the "fix" to farming frames no longer stacking. I'm really surprised that not more people are concerned by this "fix". Why didn't you just stop them stacking on the silver grove spectres if it was such a big issue. Also the continued nerf to the chesa kubrow really just doesn't make sense, kubrows are already the least favourable of the companions. A blanket nerf in my opinion was just straight up a middle finger to your player base, I hope this was a mistake and is reverted.
  6. Bug with the new in air casting, getting stuck on the terrain unable to move or do anything.
  7. Awesome great to see the updates continuing to come out much faster. Yes glad to see the bug with the immortal thumper get fixed now I can run ivara without the risk of not being able to kill it.
  8. Clan name: Nazarick Bloodfallen Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: Xbox One Your Clan role: Founding Warlord/Architect Feature image There is still a lot that needs to be completed in the dojo as pretty much I am the sole donator and it will require a lot of time, forma and standing to get it finished. Hope you guys enjoy what has been done thus far. There is a structure that has a bugged texture at the moment not sure if there will be a fix for it, kind of destroys the immersion for parts of the dojo. The structure is the cherry blossom branch the texture is constantly moving. Sunlit Grotto: This was the first ever room to be decorated in the dojo, funny enough it was originally just going to be a waterfall and my friend accidently destroyed part of it which caused us to transform the entire hall. The creation of which spurred me on to turn the dojo into what it is now. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/VaT2dcy Cherry Blossom Garden: A zen water garden Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/cmyPSxc Forest of the Divine: One of my favourite rooms it feels very atmospheric, took quite a while to construct as a lot of the trees are custom made. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/NhlBch3 Alpine Ascension: A Japanese inspired build atop a mountain, the area in which clan ascession takes place. Currently still under construction and will be for some time as I need to get several hundred thousand standing to finish of the interior. Yes we have floofs in the bedroom, I started running out of capacity and couldn't fill it up like I originally wanted too. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/pv3U3jC Dojo Sculptures: I was inspired by several members of the community who make some of the most beautiful sculptures and started build sculptures recently, the world serpent was the first addition. The Lotus Dragon is still under construction need inspiration to finish off the room. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/MWsiQUb Labs: Haven't done much in regards to the decoration of the dojo labs as I've been more focused on larger projects however this week I finished the chem lab. Any possibility of getting updated corpus structures ☺️ Other Notable Rooms: Some other notable mentions. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/ctLNwRw Hopefully you guys enjoy what I've shown and I look forward to seeing the winning dojos at the end of the contest.
  9. Ephemera are never going to be tradable it kind of goes against the way the drop system works, with this you're either lucky or unlucky all the extra drops too me are just credits. I do feel like the ephemera should never have been rng based and instead achievement based like they had stated it would be.
  10. From what I gathered from the cutscene the wolf and the amalgams broke free from alad v's control. He may have something more to do with the amalgam lore and may not be truly free and may simply be a puppet of a sentient. So no I believe the wolf will be sticking around and maybe be a part of the gas city rework maybe a planet specific assassin who knows really all we know is that nightwave isn't the end of the wolf.
  11. I like using a kavat to strip his armor, and a eternal war valkyr with either my dokrahm heavy blade zaw or the paracesis. Kills him in less than a minute depending on whether my kavat wants to strip his armor. From my testing temporal blast does nothing
  12. This is a band aid for the real problem which is host migrations, it was poorly implemented in this case and will either make people not play or just play solo to avoid the debuff. I made a reply to the dev workshop that rather than a debuff pick up it should have been a penalty/sacrifice to the mission for example you lose life support or something like that. I still feel like arbitrations should have stayed one life, I've lost plenty of rewards due to host migrations worst one was an ephemera because the host killed themselves and couldn't wait 2 seconds for us to reach extraction.
  13. From my understanding it is due to lag between you and the host and not a bug. Whenever this happens for me it's always with a laggy connection and never happens when solo. I could be wrong though.
  14. Using Ivara and the sancti castanas to kill the thumper, it became immortal with no health after each leg was destroyed. However some of the plates were still on the legs and couldn't be damaged.
  15. I use warframe.market a lot, it is much easier to sell things passively than sitting around in trade chat spamming the same message in the hopes of selling something, especially using controller to type. With the whole your scamming check the prices on warframe.market it doesn't really happen to me all that often, did have one guy who was so adamant that I was ripping him off and that I needed to check warframe.market even though I had gotten the price for the item there. Did have one person tell me I was selling too cheap once, trade chat is strange.
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