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  1. Overall I was really looking forward to the update coming to console and then I saw the "fix" to farming frames no longer stacking. I'm really surprised that not more people are concerned by this "fix". Why didn't you just stop them stacking on the silver grove spectres if it was such a big issue. Also the continued nerf to the chesa kubrow really just doesn't make sense, kubrows are already the least favourable of the companions. A blanket nerf in my opinion was just straight up a middle finger to your player base, I hope this was a mistake and is reverted.
  2. Awesome great to see the updates continuing to come out much faster. Yes glad to see the bug with the immortal thumper get fixed now I can run ivara without the risk of not being able to kill it.
  3. Clan name: Nazarick Bloodfallen Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: Xbox One Your Clan role: Founding Warlord/Architect Feature image There is still a lot that needs to be completed in the dojo as pretty much I am the sole donator and it will require a lot of time, forma and standing to get it finished. Hope you guys enjoy what has been done thus far. There is a structure that has a bugged texture at the moment not sure if there will be a fix for it, kind of destroys the immersion for parts of the dojo. The structure is the cherry blossom branch the texture is constantly moving. Sunlit Grotto: This was the first ever room to be decorated in the dojo, funny enough it was originally just going to be a waterfall and my friend accidently destroyed part of it which caused us to transform the entire hall. The creation of which spurred me on to turn the dojo into what it is now. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/VaT2dcy Cherry Blossom Garden: A zen water garden Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/cmyPSxc Forest of the Divine: One of my favourite rooms it feels very atmospheric, took quite a while to construct as a lot of the trees are custom made. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/NhlBch3 Alpine Ascension: A Japanese inspired build atop a mountain, the area in which clan ascession takes place. Currently still under construction and will be for some time as I need to get several hundred thousand standing to finish of the interior. Yes we have floofs in the bedroom, I started running out of capacity and couldn't fill it up like I originally wanted too. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/pv3U3jC Dojo Sculptures: I was inspired by several members of the community who make some of the most beautiful sculptures and started build sculptures recently, the world serpent was the first addition. The Lotus Dragon is still under construction need inspiration to finish off the room. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/MWsiQUb Labs: Haven't done much in regards to the decoration of the dojo labs as I've been more focused on larger projects however this week I finished the chem lab. Any possibility of getting updated corpus structures ☺️ Other Notable Rooms: Some other notable mentions. Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/ctLNwRw Hopefully you guys enjoy what I've shown and I look forward to seeing the winning dojos at the end of the contest.
  4. I play a fairly decent amount of arbitrations the main issue I have is with the rotation time. I feel like making it so that the rotations are the normal 5 minutes and make it so that the enemies scale faster than in normal missions would be the way to go. Also I'm not that big of a fan of the revive system this will just force me to play solo even more as I don't want to deal with the negative effects from accidentally picking up the shards, this is rewarding those who can't survive and punishing those who are alive. I also don't want to deal with toxic players who will rant in chat to be revived. What about solo arbitrations adding a revive system in group games but not solo seems quite strange to me. How about instead of the shard system for revives you add a consequence to the mission for being revived like say you lose a certain amount of life support, defence target becomes vulnerable to damage for a certain period of time etc. The decision on whether or not you are revived will be on the team. This will add a consequence based system for dying and will be able to be implemented into solo games as well.
  5. How about instead of completely removing blink you give the ability to every archwing and give itzal a new ability like maybe a portal or switch teleport ability with a reasonable cool down or something similar. My god this topic has brought out a crap load of toxic people on both sides that refuse to acknowledge any reasonable criticism or concerns.
  6. Great idea lets nerf the one thing that makes open world traversal bearable because a useless vehicle can't compete. Also here's an idea maybe make it so that kdrives are actually useful and bring something to the table rather than just a gimmick that gets boring after 5 minutes and is painful to level. There's a reason why the majority of the community don't use kdrives. I'm not too shocked there are people calling for it's nerf as there is always that part of the community that jumps on the nerf bandwagon. Similar to the lets nerf ember because she was good in low level missions, it's not a good idea.
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